Embedding Social Media Content in Your Website

Social Media ContentThe social media network is a vast place to plan, explore, plant, play and use. The one who is smart enough to use it survives this battle and competitive arena. The maximum use you make of your resources leads you to gain maximum support from your readers, visitors, customers or even other random traffic.

Social media offers you numerous options to increase your conversion rate and your brand awareness. Unless people know what you are and what you do, no one is going to talk about you. You need to make your presence felt and let them know that you exist. Your customers will find you from anywhere once they know of your existence and they like you. You can make this happen with the help of many tools and reports. All the search engines should have your data in their database to feed their users with. Brand awareness if the first step you take when it comes to attracting the targeted crowd towards you. There are multiple ways in which you can manage your brand awareness program. Your social media networks provide these facilities. Social media is a major support that internet marketing has, as it involves creating and sharing of content in order to acquire maximum number of customers. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, are social media clients which most of the content marketers use. These social media platforms have been improving their accessibility and reporting data. You can now access all the search query information on these networks easily.

The Embed Trick

You can conduct contests, make posts, tweet and retweet. All the results could be then embedded into your website. Unfortunately, LinkedIn doesn’t facilitate this, but it allows you to use various plugins for this purpose. Embedding helps you make your visitors and traffic know of your activities and not just that you own a Facebook page or a Twitter account. You may embed videos from YouTube into your website; similarly you can embed your posts from Facebook, your Tweets from Twitter and also your shares from Google Plus on your website. Let’s see how.

Embedding from Facebook

It is very easy to embed content and posts from your Facebook page. Follow the following few steps and you are good to go with finding the embedding on your website:

  • Look for that post which you would like to embed on your website from your Facebook page.
  • You can see a grey dropdown arrow at the top right corner of that post you just chose. Click on it to get more options.
  • You will find an option which reads “Embed Post”. Click on that option. If you can’t find it, the option is not available as the post is not public and not embeddable.
  • A code will be provided to you once you click on “Embed Post” option. You need to copy this code and then paste it in your website’s HTML editor.
  • Align the post as per your choice, preferably center.
  • That’s it! Your Facebook post will now be visible on your website!

Your newly attracted traffic will know of your posts and will believe in your content better than just the content which is available on your website.

Embedding on Twitter

Twitter is a very follower centric social networking site. Each tweet you make is like a statement. Apparently, 140 words hold a lot of importance over the whole content on your website, your Facebook Pages, your Google accounts or even your LinkedIn endorsements. How about making those statements visible on your website for your visitors too? Let’s follow a few steps in order to embed these statements on your website:

  • Find the Tweet which you wish to share with your potential leads on your website.
  • You will see the ellipses symbol (three dots) on the tweet. Click on it for more options.
  • You will see an option which reads “Embed Tweet.” Click on it.
  • Once you click on the “Embed Tweet” option, you will be provided with an embed code just like you found while you were embedding your Facebook post.
  • Copy that code and paste it on your website’s HTML editor as you did with your Facebook post embedding.
  • Align the post and you are ready to share it with your visitors.

Twitter posts leave a good mark on your visitors. Embedding these posts along with your content is a very good idea.

Embedding on Pinterest

With Pinterest embedding is a little different. The steps that have to be followed are a little different. The basic copy paste remains the same.

  • For embedding a Pinterest post, you need to visit the Pinterest Widget builder.
  • Click on Pin Widget on the left column.
  • You will see an option to enter your Pin URL. Enter the URL and click on “Build It!”
  • Once you see the code, you know what you have to do, simply copy and paste in in your website’s HTML editor to view it on your website.

Embedding YouTube Videos

I mentioned earlier about embedding YouTube videos in the posts that you make. This one is the easiest, just like the others though. Let’s see how to go about it:

  • Once you find the video which you wish to embed and use on your website, find the options under the video.
  • Go to the “Share” tab below the video and choose to embed.
  • You will get the embed code after which you follow the same steps of copying and pasting.

YouTube videos help your visitors understand your content better. The interactive nature of your website will build a confidence in your traffic that they are cared for, that their views and concerns matter.


Talking about Pinterest widget, we have a lot of scope to use many widgets on our websites. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, all these social networking sites provide you the facility to have their own widgets placed on your website. With the help of these widgets, your visitors can know what you tweet, when you tweet, who all you tweet to with respect to Twitter. With respect to Facebook, your visitors can know how many likes your page has, who all like your page and who all of their friends know of your website and follow it. Same is the case for Google Plus.

Widgets are indeed handy. They can also help your readers easily connect with you and your content. There are various tools available that can help you use more and more widgets and sharing options for your website. To understand what works well, you might want to make use of Google Analytics too.

By using the Embed technique, you can also show your visitors what others think about your content, your website and your brand altogether. When you highlight conversations, use presentations, portray your statements, it help build up confidence. You can conduct various contests, the results of which will further interest your visitors and they will be more willing to interact with your website and finally convert as leads. You need to make sure you stand out from the crowd. With the help of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, you can also conduct polls and contest on your website.

What’s your technique?