Explore the Benefits of Combining Content Marketing and SEO

Content Marketing and SEOWhen it comes to marketing your website online, you need to focus on the marketing of the content you have published and on the optimization of the website. In today’s world, innovative marketing techniques are emerging with each passing day. Online marketing is very valuable for your website as it increases your visibility and helps significantly in grabbing the attention of people as well as search engines. In simple words, it contributes efficiently to the growth and development of your business.

Know about Marketing and Optimization

Business personnel have to focus on both content marketing and SEO. Content marketing involves creating and marketing valuable and relevant content for a website. The objective is to attract the attention of a targeted audience with the aim of gaining profit from the entire process.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a process that helps in optimizing the website and increasing its visibility among the audience as well as among the search engines. Effective SEO techniques also allow a website to stand tall at the leading position in the search engines with a great reputation and increased visibility.

According to David Harry, the Author of "It’s Time to Change the SEO Mindset" the definition of SEO lies in the various functions that SEO professionals perform which are mentioned below:

  • Deciding a good keyword strategy
  • Page level SEO
  • Site level SEO
  • Server level SEO
  • Monitoring the webmaster tools

One cannot think of optimizing a website without effective content and on the other hand marketing the content is best done via the optimization process.

It is important for an online business owner to learn where he requires the use of each of these processes or whether he has to use both of them. Marketing your content should be done in a unique way with the help of effective keyword strategies which would keep your audience engaged with your website. The best platforms for content marketing can be:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Social media
  • White papers
  • E-books
  • Content on web page
  • Info-graphics

Creating content is not an easy task. It needs you to generate exclusive content that is one of a kind. The more you ensure your audience is getting the best information, the more reliable name you create for yourself.

Keywords used in the content play a very significant role. These are the search items or terms that are typed by the audience on the search engine to visit relevant sites that contain the material they want. The keywords help to bring more focus on your brand. Search engines use these words to categorize your content.

When developing content, it is necessary to ensure that the language is simple and clear so that it facilitates communication with the audience.

Following points can be used by you for selecting the most relevant search terms

  • Make a detailed and comprehensive list of all words that are important to you for your sector. You can also select the words that you have heard your customers or competitors use to describe your services.
  • Use the task bar of Google. You need to start typing each of the words in the list and then take note of the words that are auto-completed by Google. This process is relevant as it provides you with an idea about which initial words can be used for the search terms.
  • As you search for each of the terms, you have to focus on the leading 10 results. For each term if you find a competitor then you can rest assured that you are going along the right track.
  • The next step you need to take is to click on all the top 10 sites and check out which part of the website you are being directed to and see how they have used the keywords. This is a smart way to study the methods used by your competitors and determine whether your strategy is viable or not.
  • The final step needs you to create buyer personas that can spell your ideal and target customer in great detail.

Using SEO Effectively

SEO is used to help market the developed content. It includes a broader range of activities that are designed exclusively to generate more visibility for a website within the search engines. It helps in the following processes:

  • Implement the Google Authorship mark up
  • Ensure proper index for the site by the search engines
  • Ensure that the website is coded with SEO friendly style
  • Develop content driven by effective keywords.