Facebook’s Atlas Takes Internet Marketing to New Levels

Internet MarketingInternet marketing has a new tool – Facebook’s Atlas. With this new platform, the social media giant is looking to increase its income from advertising while providing businesses with new opportunities.

Facebook Takes the Fight to Google

Facebook is preparing to take on Google in the realm of user-targeted ads with its new ad platform. It already occupies the second spot among the top digital advertising platforms behind Google with a thorough analysis of the vast data it has accumulated on its 1.3 billion users and selling ads that target them. Now these targeted ads will be expanded from the social network to the entire Internet. This would take the fight to Google which has a share of close to one-third of the worldwide digital advertising market.

The Atlas Platform

Facebook intends to do it through Atlas, its rebuilt ad platform. This will enable marketers to use the popular social network’s detailed user knowledge to direct ads to them on various websites as well as mobile apps. Atlas is able to follow the social network’s members wherever they head to online, be it on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. What marketers could do within the realms of the social network, they could do all through the Internet. The ability for advertisers to track, create and buy digital campaigns across websites and also devices can help them better understand the links between people’s behaviors online and purchases offline and target their ads better.

Facebook’s Revenue Set to Rise

This new ad platform is expected to significantly boost the popular social network’s revenue, which in the second quarter of 2014, stood at $2.91 billion of which $2.68 billion came from advertising. This advertising revenue was a whopping rise of 67% from 2013. Revenue from mobile advertising increased by 41%, accounting for 62% of overall advertising sales and amounting to $1.66 billion. Facebook now seems all set to get to seize a major chunk of the ad market pie from Google and add further insult to Yahoo, which is already not doing well in terms of ad revenue.

The advantage that Atlas offers is that it does not rely on cookies which can only track browsing on laptops and desktop computers, but not on mobile devices which account for much of Internet traffic. Atlas tracks individuals based on their login information which therefore works on all devices. Advertisers can request their ads to be targeted to a particular category of users based on their age, demographics, etc.

Businesses Can Target Users Better

Businesses can now better channel their Internet marketing efforts to target users effectively by focusing more efforts and resources on one of the most prominent social networks. With Atlas, they can identify countless potential customers and show them ads on the various sites they visit or apps they use, be it on a smartphone or laptop. Professional Internet marketing services could get this done well for their clients through solutions such as social media listening that can help gauge user trends on social networks.

The Atlas news comes on the back of the launch of the earlier Audience Network initiative by Facebook which served ads within mobile applications.