Finding and Removing Negative SEO

Negative SEOWhat is negative SEO? This comes into play when someone attempts to lower your website’s rankings in leading search engines through some unethical ploys. Most commonly, mischief makers adopt link based negative SEO though there are many other techniques as well. Your site could be hacked, which could result in the hacker employing negative SEO techniques that could hurt you. When someone is attempting to harm your website ranking, some sure signs are links from foreign forums, links from worthless and nonsensical blog posts, a large number of links from gambling sites, payday loan sites, porn sites and so on.

Negative SEO can be identified and removed. Let us see how.

  • Running Link audits: When running link audits, you can check the links coming into your website and identify those that could cause harm to the site. This is like taking apart every piece to know which has gone bad. Of course there is software that helps to get this done, but the software may not provide accurate results that are actually. A good audit is one that is done manually, and the process is a tedious one. This is why a good SEO firm becomes indispensable.
  • Link cleanup: This process involves going ahead and finding which link needs to be removed. You have to constantly monitor your backlinks to ensure that you don’t have bad or unnatural links that could compromise your ranking. After this is done, you must contact Google and get the rankings back up. The ranking is not given back easily. Google needs to know that as a website owner, you have made efforts to correct the situation. This involves contacting all the site owners and asking them to remove the link from their site.
  • You may be victimized by negative SEO if you are in a highly competitive niche.
  • In case you yourself have indulged in considerable unnatural linking, you could fall victim. This is because Google may not successfully distinguish between your unnatural links the malicious links.

If yours is not a highly competitive business niche, and if you have not been following unethical SEO or manipulative linking, you need not worry about negative SEO. If you suspect that your site is under attack, it is necessary to audit your links regularly and submit a disavow file.

Google can identify negative SEO and discount it. Still, it is better to do a regular link audit because Google’s algorithm may not be 100% accurate all the time.

Negative SEO is a real thing. It is best to stay prepared if there is an attack. You can enlist the service of a reliable SEO company that can help spot suspicious SEO activity and take steps to prevent it.