Google Glass Being Improved, Could Transform SEO One Day

Wearable technology has the potential to transform SEO, social networking and Internet marketing. The greater the comfort factor of the device, the more would it benefit the user. When Google Glass came out in its experimental Explorer Edition there were issues that needed to be ironed out, but it did give a glimpse of its potential.

Google Glass

Say Hello to Google Glass Enterprise Edition

And now, Google Glass is set to be reborn as the Enterprise Edition (EE). The rebirth was already predicted by Google when its initial version was discontinued. Google had gathered plenty of feedback and inputs to improve the Explorer Edition.

Reliable sources reveal that an upgraded version is being worked on which is, however, aimed at enterprises and not the general consumer. These new EE versions will come with improvements such as:

  • Prism with larger display
  • External battery pack connecting capability
  • Intel Atom CPU

The plan is to sell the device to companies that want to improve their efficiency and provide their staff with smart technology that would enhance their performance. Employees would get updates regarding their job from time to time. One of the applications of this would be for businesses to receive and process orders faster.

Greater Battery Life and User Comfort for All Day Use

The Intel Atom CPU would contribute to greater battery life. The battery pack is optional but it indicates that Google wants to project the all-day capability of the device. The larger prism is also a move in this direction since it is expected to enable users to directly look up in a comfortable manner without having to direct the vision to the right and to the top. This was a major issue with the earlier version which caused strain in the eyes following prolonged use. That seems to have been rectified.

According to earlier reports, the device could be equipped with a low-power Intel Atom chip to facilitate increased battery life. This is important if the device must be used all day, in addition to the external battery pack. The chip has been reported to be faster than those powering the Android Wear smart watches. This has helped in improving overall performance while heat management has also reportedly been improved, another vital factor. Sources do confirm that the Enterprise Edition has support for Wi-Fi on the 5 GHz band. This would serve enterprise applications requiring video streaming.

No Information on Pricing

As of now, there is no indication of how the Enterprise Edition will be priced. But since the version would not be initially available to the general consumer, it would not play much of a role though it is a significant factor if the device eventually does make its way to the market.

When it eventually gets to that stage it certainly would revolutionize the way people use the Internet. It does have significant bearing on social networking and SEO. Local search will just keep getting more commonplace with Glass wearers relying on the Net whenever they want anything. Social sharing would become second nature, an instinctive action like walking or talking. That is the potential of any wearable technology and these glasses could take it to the next level with more modifications. The Enterprise Edition would be the test of the potential.