Google Plus for Business Marketing – How It Works?

High ranking in Google search results has become one of the topmost priorities with regard to strategic internet marketing. Having a base of more than 500 million registered users; Google+ has turned into an essential tool for networking and high search ranking. It also offers businesses a way of showing up in the search results of potential clients by making use of the power of their networks. The logic behind Google plus marketing is that businesses will feature more in the search results due to their Google networks being larger and more targeted.

Multiple features are offered by Google+ for empowerment of businesses. As all the features of Google such as calendars, hangouts, search and Gmail are linked with it, it helps in providing a social base with circles, video hangouts and new communities.
Google Marketing

Creation of a Google+ profile for your business

Check out the Google+ top business profiles as well as profiles of your major competitors to get an idea as to how the space is used by them for interacting with the customers and positioning themselves. Having done this, a page can be created by clicking on Google+ for Business page.

Using the page to promote your company

The About Us page is one of the best venues to tell the story of your business. Use this page to provide a brief overview of your business and describe your services and products. Mention your company’s milestones and the awards it has won. Potential customers can also be directed to important information such as blogs, testimonials, expanded descriptions and contact pages by linking back to specific website pages.

Content publishing for communicating with the world

Your business profile acts like a bulletin board on Google. The updates, if interesting, will have people coming back again and again to read them. Publishing interesting updates about your products, insightful blogs, interviews and demos will keep the users engaged in your website. Linking your updates with other networking sites like YouTube channel will create a multiplier effect as the traffic will be directed through Google+.

Addition of photos and videos

Google+ allows you to add videos to your business profile and thus make your brand appear more authentic. It also gives you the opportunity to emotionally connect with the prospects.
By uploading the photographs of workshop training, employees at work and team parties, potential customers get to know about your company’s background. Photographs of the events sponsored and attended by your company can also be posted for gaining online mileage.

Invite people to interact and connect

Events feature can be made use of for sending customized invitations to people regardless of them being Google+ users or not. Once the users confirm their attendance, events start to show up as it is automatically synced with Google Calendar. Additionally, it also sends out invites for product demos, work functions, webinars, parties and sales meetings. Invitations for Google Hangouts can also be sent by Google Events. This results in creating increased awareness and boosting attendance for the events hosted by you.

Using Google Communities for targeted reach

Communities related to your interests and industry is recommended by Google+ Communities. Building relationships with your personal page is important before introducing the business page content wherever appropriate. Nobody can be circled by your business profile page until and unless they circle you.

Conversations of customers sharing positive experiences, voicing their concerns and opinions can be triggered by making use of these communities. You can benefit from regular inputs and updates affecting them in a meaningful way. Thus, Google plus marketing helps a great deal in promoting your business among a larger group of targeted customers and establishing your brand.