Google Plus Marketing – Tips and Strategies

Social media has become a potent platform for strategic business promotion and a number of businesses are successfully making use of popular social media venues. Apart from standard platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, Google Plus is emerging as a great platform for marketing. Google Plus has features specially cut out to suit businesses. One of them is the capability to join as a brand.

Mentioned below are six tips you could consider when opting for Google Plus marketing.
Google Plus Marketing
Use Circles and Hangouts

Google Plus marketing offers a way of creating groups wherein members get to learn more about your business. In case you have created a presence on Facebook, your friends can be imported to Google Plus Circles. Hangouts bear similarities with Tweet Chats but in a video format. But the video discussions are limited to 15 people in most of the cases.

Personalize Your URL

You can directly create your unique URL using the name of your business through Google. Google plus service can be made use of for creating a customized URL for your account. This greatly helps in building your online brand presence.

Make the Most of Google Plus Events

Announcements can be made by making use of the events function. Dates of your upcoming store promotions and sales, TweetChats and Google Hangouts can be posted. There are options of making your event public and including additional information about the places of tickets availability for the event. Usage of Gmail can integrate well with the calendar function.

Create a Google Authorship

Creation of Google Authorship apart from being simple can also increase brand awareness and improve SEO. This can be done by including a link to your Google Plus profile on each of your blog posts, and also include a link on your profile to your blog posts.

Participate in Other Google Plus Hangouts

Participating in other Google Plus Hangouts, especially of those who have participated in your Hangouts, is a wise decision. It is the best way to express your interest in them just as they have expressed interest in you.

Be Patient

Although Google Plus marketing is viable, it does not match up to the popularity of Twitter or Facebook as of yet. However, it is best that you are not over anxious about your Google Plus viewership, but wait for your popularity to build up. You should always be consistent in your efforts by posting high quality, relevant and interesting content on a regular basis. This will eventually lead to substantial increase in your popularity.

The key is to boost your social media presence irrespective of the platform you use. Whether marketing on Twitter, Google Plus or Facebook, you should always focus on posting relevant and engaging content. Also, it should be interactive for your social media users. Contests, posting polls, giveaways and voting are some of the ways of gaining a robust following. Meaningful relationships with your customers can be achieved by way of tailoring each post to individual social media websites.