Google’s New Image Search Filter Button for Mobile Phone Users

Google’s image search is one of its most popular services, enabling users to search for images on the web just as they do for websites. With increasing use of mobile devices to access the web, Google is always working to provide mobile users with optimal search experience. Mobile website optimization has therefore become vital in the current scenario and business websites that are not mobile friendly stand to lose valuable customer traffic.


New Looks, More Appeal

Google has been focusing on developing a new look for the user interface of the mobile search page – for the web as well as the image search pages. It has made subtle visual changes to the UI that is now visible to the majority, if not all mobile phone users.

Mobile Search

The improvement Google has introduced enables users to view the images more clearly. The background behind the images has been changed from black to light gray, obviously to ensure more clarity for the images. The search engine giant is focusing more:

  • On presenting image search results that include larger images to sustain the user’s attention
  • On enabling users to view the desired images quickly
  • On providing the best user experience

Google also makes it easy to find “like” images or other similar images. For example, if you are searching Google images on your smartphone for “electronic gadgets,” image results appear where you can scroll down to find more images. You can clearly view the images and tapping on the image provides a closer look. If you continue to scroll down you will find a new set of images related to the one you are already viewing. A bar on the main image search results page has links to related image searches. These changes will improve the overall experience of the user who searches for images using mobile devices.

New Image Search Filter Introduced

Google has brought in a new feature that will make the mobile search experience more efficient. It has introduced new large filter buttons for image searches. This feature helps you to quickly filter your images. A Google spokesperson confirmed that it was added earlier this summer and it is a permanent change, not a test. This update will soon be available to mobile users worldwide. To ideally optimize your website for image search and to become a more efficient mobile search user, you need to understand how Google’s new image search filters work.

For instance, try searching for “marble home flooring” on your mobile phone in Google Image Search. This will bring up larger finger-press size buttons that will allow you to filter that search further in terms of other types of flooring, which when further filtered yields results in terms of color or some other category.

Tapping on any of the filters will change your image results and offer additional filters to further define your search results. Google’s new image search filter optimizes your website for image search. To clear your filters and return to the broad search term results page, you have to click on the X on the white buttons. It may take some time to achieve this functionality with all search terms.

Calls for Effective Mobile Website Optimization

It is important for digital marketers to develop business websites that are mobile friendly with a responsive web design that will adapt to any device used. This is something to be done professionally and is best provided by experts in search engine optimization. Consider obtaining reliable mobile website optimization services to ensure that your business website fares well both on desktop and mobile devices.