Great Landing Pages and Their Advantages

A “landing page” is any page on the website on which one might land – it has two distinguishing features.

  • It has a form
  • It is intended to capture a visitor’s information through that form.

All landing pages are indeed web pages; however, not all web pages are landing pages.

Landing pages let you make money from your traffic easily. In the competitive world of internet marketing, these pages make a huge difference. Everyone is competing with each other, and they do need to be different in their ways to attract people. Landing pages bring in maximum conversion rate and are very beneficial for your website.

Company Name

Preparing for Your Landing

There are certain elements which go on a landing page, making it a little different from the other web pages.

Main Headline and Supporting Headline

A catchy, clear and impressive headline is the first thing that people see and read. Your headline and subheading should clearly describe what your visitor will get from the page. They should ensure the visitors that they are in the right place.

Pictures and Videos

An image or video will surely hold the visitor’s attention. If people like what they see, they will continue reading and scrolling. No one simply starts reading your web page right after they are on it. They will scan it first and if they see some relevant and good images they definitely would want to know more. However, you need to be very careful as to not clutter the page with too many images or videos. One hot-shot of your product is absolutely fine.

What You are and What You Do

You page must show your offers and what you are all about. The heading you provided up there needs to be justified here with sufficient information. There should be a section which talks about the benefits you provide, what all you are into and how your visitors can make use of those services or avail those benefits. All the things or points you mention in this section must have a positive tone to them.


People don’t blindly believe you and usually it’s like “If you say so”, kind of a situation. But what if they get a proof of things that you are stating? It’s a good idea to have your other user’s views placed on your page. This gives your visitors a sense of confidence and helps in converting them into prospects. The review you use should be to the point and should explain their experience well. Single worded reviews like “Awesome”, “Good work”, “This helps, thanks!” should definitely be avoided.

You can also place a Facebook widget, which shows how many followers you have and have that as your popularity, or social proof.

The Form

This is the main and a very important section of your landing page. This element acts as a conversion event for your visitors. These forms vary from the types of websites we are dealing with. They could be just getting the email id or the visitor, filling a form with multiple details, subscription to a blog or for purchasing a product or service. But, this is not what is going to attract your visitors, or going to make them fill the details. Try your luck with different offers. For instance, “Get you free vouchers Now!” could work better than, “Click Here” or “Submit”. The following image shows a landing page of a popular site called Groupon:


How to Go about the Landing

Once your page is ready, you are all set to grab all the attention. But, how do you get all the attention? There are many traffic sources you can use for your landing pages. Working through SEO should do the trick. Social networking sites also come to your aid.

Google AdWords

If you are aware of pay per click or cost per click, you know what Google AdWords are. Traffic from pay per click (PPC) is the most genuine and easy to track. Users are most open to AdWords when they trigger the correct Keywords and the search engine optimization works rightly. A high performance pay per click campaign, always bears maximum results. The conversion rate for such campaigns is high and there are also options for low cost per click.

PPC Campaigns

Shelling some money to gain huge is a good idea. The best part about PPC is that, you don’t shell unless you see the results. If there are results, you pay, if your ad is not working, you don’t. It’s a very simple equation.

Social Media Marketing

When you are in a virtual world, the best thing to grow your business is virtual people. The most important factor of any business today is to grow digitally. Facebook is the best place to start as a source for your landing page. Your advert is visible to a greater and relevant crowd which helps you bring in the type of traffic that is genuinely interested in your program. Unless they are, they won’t click to be converted. LinkedIn and Twitter also have promotion options ready for you.

Benefits of Landing Pages

It is very difficult to hold on to your crowd. This is something which will help you gain the right attention, and just because the audience is right, you gain benefits and they are easy to convert.

  • Higher conversion rate:

    This has to go first. Unless there are conversions, you are definitely at loss. You should be the one to market your product, service and brand in order to make people believe that. A landing page intends to do exactly that and is a place which is marketing and promotion specific.

  • Getting smarter:

    Once you have a landing page, it becomes easier for you to manage it. You can upload images, videos, edit your information and do your entire promotional job yourself. Updating yourself is equally important and eventually, you’ll be able to give your visitors the taste of your own food. Give them what they want and they will give you what you want, conversions.

Landing pages look complicated, but they are the best to get your conversions high and make the most out of your web pages for your business. So, are you ready to build a landing page yet?