How to Create Effective Content for Your Website and Protect It

Effective Content for Your WebsiteYou must have appealing, relevant content on your website in order to make it a success. However, it takes a lot of time as well as hard work to create really worthwhile content. In addition, you need to safeguard your valuable content from being used without permission. Content theft is quite common these days and a lot of websites have already been affected with this. Therefore you need to make sure that your content is absolutely safe.

Why Your Website Content is Important

It is generally said that the “content is king” and it is true as well. Your website’s content should be of high standard and this will in turn help your website to rank high in the search engines. You need to try out different ways of publishing interesting content in the form of articles, blogs, videos, picture messages, etc. Ensure original content writing for your website.

Duplicate content can harm your website. All the search engines, especially Google try hard to deal with such ineffective and copied contents but still you might find out that a website ranks higher than yours and flaunts the same content as yours! Hence, it is vital to protect your content at all costs.

Copyright Notices or Watermarks are a Must

It is really surprising to know that at times content thieves aren’t even aware of the fact that they are stealing. There is a lot of material on the public domains that is free to use for commercial purposes. Your contents, however, are not in a public domain and so you need to be sure about placing copyright notices below the web pages, i.e. on the footer of your website. You can even add them to the content itself. Watermarking your images and videos will make them secured and hence, even if they are being stolen, cannot be used by others.

For the blogs and articles, you can disable the text selections. This will make the content hard to be copied by anyone else. It will take lot of effort for them to copy such protected material. However, you must know that the thieves are really smart and they can copy content by other means as well. Keeping a check on your website on a daily basis is therefore vital.

Google Authorship is Quite Vital

One of the most important tools available for safeguarding your content is Google Authorship. It protects the content and also helps to build the site’s online reputation. The whole thing is very simple and you just need to enter your write-ups and claim your authorship for the same. However, you must use your real name and this means that you cannot be a ghost writer or use a pseudonym. Even if your website has got more than one writer, you still can go for Google Authorship but each of your writers should have their own authorship.

Once you have authorship for your articles, Google will instantly know that you have created it and even if it gets copied, Google will know who the originator of the article is and in this way the duplicate content holder will be penalized.

Make Use of Google Alerts

You can make use of Google Alerts to identify content thieves and thereby save your content. It is one of the most useful services of Google. You can do this copying the sentences from your contents and creating alerts for the same so that you get to know whenever they appear from some other source on the web.

After taking all the above necessary steps, if you have finally got hold of the thief, you need to take some measures to deal with them. So here’s what you have to do.

  • Prepare the evidence

You will need to gather all the evidence at first. You need to take the screenshots and then prepare the file. This will not completely support the fact that you had published the piece for the first time on the web and you need to have all the evidence before you sue the thieves.

  • Get in touch with the thief

You need to get in touch with the thief after you have all the evidences against them. First send them a friendly email. If they haven’t done it deliberately, they will remove the content from their sites. But if they do not respond to your email, you need to contact their hosting provider.

  • File a DCMA complaint

You can file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint with Google to let them know about your contents being taken away by some other website hosts. Google will remove the contents and it is quite quick in doing so.

Reasons Why Website Content is So Important

  • SEO contents are vital

There is a definite way of writing website content and if the contents of your website do not follow the SEO rules, it will not be that effective. A professional content writer will know how to write SEO content and make it work excellently for your website.

  • Online world is live

We all live online nowadays and more than reading a physical newspaper, we like to read them online. It goes without saying that online content is really important. People from all around the world can read it and get to know your business and views via your website. Along with providing great content, you need to make sure that your professionals are doing strategic content marketing too.

  • All types of writing isn’t good for search engines

If you think that all kinds of writing are accepted by search engines, you are wrong. Value-added content related to your service/products will help establish and maintain your reputation on the internet, and win the favor of leading search engines.

The web world is vast and being just a local businessman is not sufficient. You can work to be popular around the globe. In this regard, the internet plays a very important role. Creating a website might seem to be an easy task but keeping it up to date in compliance with search engine requirements can prove to be a daunting task. Your website content should be revised on a regular basis, there should be no copy paste and in addition, the contents should be created in keeping with all the search engine guidelines.