How Mobile Application Development Works Wonders

Mobile Application DevelopmentMobile application development is no longer something reserved for just the tech geeks and the smart brains in Silicon Valley, if Ignore No More is anything to go by. This is the world of apps – apps redefine or add sense to our Smartphone usage.

Technology is the last thing kids would associate with their doting mothers. But with necessity being the mother of invention, moms desperate to talk to their kids while they’re hanging out on the streets, malls or restaurants with their friends could come up with a desperate measure to get their attention. One Houston mom did just that, though the measure is far from desperate but is one that could make her a tech celebrity – she developed an app that would lock her teenaged children’s cell phones till they call her back.

Mobile Application Development that Worked

Sharon Standifird could be called a super mom in every sense, since she had fought in the Gulf War and climbed Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro. Now she has scaled the heights of technology as well through her Ignore No More app. This self-taught mom learned everything she could about creating apps from the Internet and proceeded to make her own. Though this app is only available for Android phones for now, Standifird is looking to release an iOS version too which she is working on. She has placed the cost of the app at around $2.00.

The procedure to lock the phone is simple – parents need to download the app and set it up. Then they’ve got to type in their child’s name and a four-digit code which will unlock the phone. Kids will get a message saying that their phone is locked and that they need to call their parent. During that call, the parent will reveal the password to unlock the phone.

How Ignore No More Works

Ignore No MoreThe setup process requires parents to create a household account and install the app in their kids’ phones. Parents will be given a code for each of the targeted phones which they must enter when they wish to lock the phone. The app supports one household account, and multiple cell phones of kids within that household account can be locked from any of that household’s parent phones. Kids would find it nearly impossible to uninstall the app, and if some unauthorized individual seeks to do it, the phone would lock up and the parent would receive a notification by email.

Speaking of apps, customized app development is offered by dedicated companies. Development of mobile applications has immense possibilities as this Ignore No More app proves.

Immense Possibilities with Mobile Apps

Some of the possibilities with an app include ecommerce, payment gateway integration, mobile banking, enterprise applications, platform migration or application porting, embedded mobile applications, design and development of games, security enhancing applications, etc. Mobile apps can be developed for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc.

While Ignore No More was the brainchild of a caring mother, complex applications designed and customized according to unique client requirements and business purposes are offered by the experts at seasoned mobile application development companies.