How to Do Competitive Analysis for SEO?

Competitive AnalysisSearch engine optimization is like oxygen to online or internet marketing. To make their SEO work well, organizations adopt a lot of measures and use a lot of techniques. To be rank #1 on that list of search results is what every other website fights for. Keeping your number high up there helps you gain publicity, profit and popularity. When you see your site listed under the top 3 ranks of Google search results, you are on the top of the world. Though that is not the end of your struggle, it is definitely the best achievement. There are multiple tools that can be used to enhance this too.

Competition is a part of life. To develop and do better in your own work, it is very important that you have competitors around. In order to understand where you stand in your pool of competition, you need to consider many things and research a lot about your own position and market ranking. All this could be possible if you manage to analyze your competitive position. With respect to SEO, it is very important that you run a competitive analysis of all your website and content regularly. Competitive analysis helps you understand what your competitors have been up to and what all they have been doing to reach the top.

Definition: Identifying your competitors and evaluating their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your own product or service, is competitive analysis.

Questioning the Right Thing

There are 5 steps of competitive analysis:

  • Identifying who your competitors are
  • Confirming your competitors
  • Identifying competitors’ strategies
  • Comparing competitor strategies
  • Outline a plan for yourself based on the details

It is important for you to ask the right questions in order to find the right answers. There is no harm in looking into your competitors and their business and marketing strategies. It is always better and helpful to understand what works for them. If someone is being successful and you are failing in exactly that, you need to understand what they are doing differently and where you are going wrong. This will help you understand your mistakes and analyze them for your brand’s betterment.

How frequently do marketers perform competitive analysis? Studies show that not more than 29% marketers perform competitive analysis for their website. If you are not aware of what is happening around, how do you think you are going to be at the top and competing? The only way to do it is by looking deeper into the ways people follow and doing a better job at it yourself.

Identifying Your Competitors

How can you tell who your competitors are? It is pretty easy. The top result you see when you mention your field or product name in the Google search area and hit enter is your biggest competitor. Make a note that these are your web competitors or SEO competitors to be precise. These would also have had their websites up and running for a very long time.

Confirming Your Competitors and Tracking Their Strategies

All you have to do here is run a comparison test by checking your competitors’ SEO keyword rank against yours and then finally selecting the ones which target your exact keywords and happen to be a direct threat. These are your validated and confirmed SEO competitors.

How did they reach there? Isn’t this the first question that crosses your mind? You need to know what it is they do differently and what those strategies are which take them all the way to the top. Before you check what they do different, you need to know about all the strategies they follow and make a note of the same in order to shortlist the ones which may be affecting you.

Now that you have identified these strategies, it is time for you to compare these with your SEO strategies and plans.

SEO Keyword Analysis

The first and the most highlighted factor are keywords. This is the most important factor related to search engine optimization. Every search engine looks up to the keywords to arrange and segregate the ranking. Of course there are various other factors related to search engine optimization but keywords play a major role. You need to understand what strategies your competitors are using with respect to keywords, whether they are using internal and external, both searches, or if they are even using internal search for keeping a tab on their traffic’s search activity.

<p class="subheading"Back Linking and Landing Pages

To gain traffic, it is very important to have a perfect landing page. I know that there is nothing called a perfect landing page. But when you are interested in attracting traffic, a good landing page will definitely help. Inbound links are very important. You need to check if your competitors are beating you at this.
There are many other factors which your competitors must have a positive hand at and you need to do some catching up. Knowing their strategies alone is not enough. You need to do something for yourself too.

Learning from Your Competitors’ Strategies

Now that you know who your competitors are, and what they are doing to prove themselves better, it is time for you to take some efforts for yourself and start planning to build your strategy. The following major points will help you build an amazing strategy for your website ranking:

Improve your user experience: If you ensure better usability for your website, your ranking will show immediate improvement.

A good landing page: A good landing page is very important to attract maximum traffic and become a popular website on the internet.

Keyword consistency: Now that you have run the strategy search and found the keywords used by your competitors and how they use it, it is important for you to have consistent keywords which are used frequently by your competitors.

Back linking and traffic: This goes right at the top with the keywords factor. Back linking is affected and can be improved by many factors. You need to make sure you use fresh links. You need to note that back linking analysis provides you competitive intelligence and helps you through your analytical process.

In a competitive world, it is very important to stay on the top and if you are not, you need to struggle to be on the top. If you are nowhere into the picture, it is very difficult for you to actually find business as that is what everyone is targeting. So get into the league and fulfill your dreams.