How to Improve your ROI in an Email Marketing Campaign

Email MarketingEmail marketing can prove to be very successful if you’ve got the hang of it. It has always been one of the important marketing strategies.

The Right Email Marketing Platform

It all begins with selecting the right email marketing platform. It requires spending a good deal of time in selecting the right product, since a lot depends on it. Since there are many platforms out there, you need to go through all the features on offer with each platform before deciding. Some businesses though get their own customized platform designed, so if you can get it done cost-effectively it would be a good option. The features you specifically need to look out for are:

  • Templates need to be professional. It is the basic step to make your email campaigns successful. The design must look great to attract readers and make them want to check it out.
  • It goes without saying that the templates must be mobile-friendly.
  • Automated sequences are essential since they enable sending emails in a sequence. Emails can be lined up and follow-ups sent after the user has opened an email message. It helps make the marketing more suited to your needs.
  • The platform providers must also be able to offer great customer support, so you can contact them whenever you wish to. Email or live chat options are better than community-based support.
  • Quality is important above all, but you also need scalable pricing so that it won’t blow you away whenever you need to get additional sends, which might keep increasing.

Platforms that provide automation options based on behavioral and contact information of targeted audience could prove really effective. Such services enable follow-up emails to be triggered based on the actions and behaviors of users on your site. This can also enable targeting of specific contact groups. You can target contacts specifically based on demographics, behavior, location, tags, etc. Email messages can be customized accordingly so you can increase your click-through rates and conversions.

Building up Your Email List

The next step is building your email list. And before you build up the numbers you need to build up the quality of the list. A few sensible steps could help here:

  • You can split test on the sign up form with different variations for a limited period and calculate the ratio of people visiting to those signing up. Usually, the lesser number of the fields you get people to fill in, the more sign ups you’re likely to get.
  • When making lists, make sure you do not purchase a list that you have not collected on your own. Laws are there to govern using and collecting emails. Using a purchased list could make you likely to break these laws. And you wouldn’t obviously want to be adding unwanted emails to people’s inboxes.

Getting Audiences to Sign Up

Make the sign up message more attractive so that your audience would want to sign up. You can mention that signing up to your newsletter would provide them access to great content, exclusive offers, or stuff like that which would make your audience want to subscribe.

However, make sure the enticing sign up message you put updoes not amount to coercion of some kind or carrot dangling whereby you use free credits for signing up, or things like that which would only make your quality audience unsubscribe from your emails and report them as junk. This will lead to your email platform suspending your account.

Audiences signing up through coercion may not be the quality audience you are looking for but rather those that simply want some freebies rather. Make sure that you double opt in emails so that you can get the junk emails filtered out. This ensures people signing up in your website are sent confirmation emails which they need to click in their email before they’re added to the list. They are also provided the “unsubscribe” option.

Other Tips

The lightbox could be a great option for an opt-in form, in the sense that it comes up in a position in the email sign up form that is hard for the user to avoid, unlike in the sidebar. While this could get annoying for users, using cookies can enable you to make these forms appear just once per user.

It is better to link to landing pages from the email rather than the respective category pages. That may seem an odd thing to do but linking to the landing page actually motivates the user to discover more stuff that you offer. It makes the journey more like a discovery than just a sales oriented move.

With professional handling, email marketing could end up being a significant contributor to your ROI. These steps could go some way in helping you reap the rewards you’re looking for. Its effectiveness is obviously multiplied when clubbed with effective social media optimization.