Impact of the Social Media Generation on Your Internet Marketing

Impact of the Social Media Generation on Your Internet MarketingThe social media generation or ‘Generation C’ is a generation of consumers connected through social networks and mobile devices. Though this generation is mostly represented by the digital natives born after 1994, it actually comprises all the generations (Babyboomers, Generation X, Generation Y and Millennial) as many users in these groups are connected by social networks. The connectivity of Generation C and its social influence is proving a great advantage for online advertisers. With the growth and prominence of this generation, clear, transparent communication and advocacy of brands and ideals is on the rise. It’s no wonder that social media marketing has scaled new heights. Generation C also represents consumers who use mobile technology for their day-to-day activities. With the plethora of social networking apps available for smartphones, online marketers are going all out to improve their visibility on mobile platforms.

Why is it Important to Drive the Attention of Generation C?

  • Activeness – Communicating and sharing ideals online can definitely serve as an impetus to action. Generation C has given online social activism a new definition. If you develop your company’s online presence on social networks and constantly interact with this generation, you can cultivate a relationship with them, utilize their activeness in social networks, and hopefully turn them from simple fans into true brand advocates.
  • Sharing – Generation C constantly shares their activities, latest news and other interesting stuff on social networks (for example, what they had for dinner, where they went for dinner and who they saw). These habits can become powerful tools for your social media campaign. Once you develop a relationship with Generation C consumers, they are more likely to share your company’s message and eventually become your brand advocates owing to the power of word-of-mouth marketing. The information shared on Facebook and Twitter acts as a means of marketing as well as provides you with easy customer data for future campaigns.

Connecting with Generation C for Effective Social Media Marketing

To utilize the marketing possibilities conferred by Generation C, it is very important for marketers to know how to communicate with them effectively. Experts suggest the following steps to help you connect with this generation.

  • Get Comfortable with Generation C Members – As the members of Generation C are virtual attention-seekers, whatever they do, think or experience are shared through multiple networks. So there is no need to guess which message would be relevant to your audience. You can study their conversations and connections and use their up-to-the-minute insights to understand how you can interact with them and inform them about your global, national, and hyper-local campaigns.
  • Understand the Needs of Customers – Your job does not end at driving the attention of Generation C consumers – you should understand the needs of each consumer. To accomplish this, simply monitor how they respond to your activities on social network. Facebook Insights provides you with measurements on your Page’s performance when at least 30 people like your Page. Post Reach will tell you how many unique people saw your posts and allow you to see the number of likes, comments and shares. Other usefull social media monitoring tools you can use include HootSuite and Klout.
  • Focus on the Right Platform – Rather than trying your luck on every social networking site, focus on a site which suits best for your business and implement your marketing strategies there. For example, a study by Pew Internet says that teens are migrating to social networking platforms where they do not have much privacy concerns. So online marketers who target teens should identify the platforms that attract teens and plan marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Build Trust among Customers – Building trust among Generation C customers is very important if you want to turn them into your brand advocates. If you are posting messages about your company for such customers, it is very important to answer their queries to gain their trust and loyalty. You should also monitor what they are saying about your company and address negative issues intelligently. All this requires you to be active on social networks.

A professional SEO company can provide you social media optimization strategies to target Generation C or another group of consumers you are interested in. Leaving your internet marketing tasks in capable hands will allow you to focus on what you do best.