Improve Twitter Advertising with New Tailored Audiences Update

Twitter announced a new set of tools to create, manage and activate your tailored audiences easier so that you can advertise your products or services more effectively on the microblogging site. When tailored audiences program was introduced in December 2013, online advertisers were provided with an opportunity to define their own groups of existing and potential customers on Twitter and connect with them with relevant messages (ads). The new update including audience list upload capability, better audience management tools, and new supported ID types can help advertisers reach additional users similar to existing audiences and thereby enhance advertising.

This announcement was made through Twitter’s official blog post, which provides the details of each tool.

  • Audience Manager Tool – This tool provides you with a more flexible and convenient way to create and manage tailored audiences. It is possible to create new list audience as well as manage existing audience on with the new tool.
    Audience Manager Tool

    You can also see the details of all of your audiences in the same place using the tool; you can change or delete them and receive notifications on the status of those specific audiences.

  • Audience Manager
  • Look-Alike-Only Targeting – This tool resembles Facebook’s lookalike audience feature and allows you to target only those users similar to your tailored audiences. With this, you can reach users most like your tailored audiences with your campaigns. You can drive more efficient user acquisition by using the facility to exclude tailored audiences based on website visitors from your campaigns using interest, keyword, TV and other tailored audiences.
  • Support for Mobile Phone Numbers and Mobile Advertising IDs – In order to expand the tailored audiences that you can create with your customer information, you can build audiences using mobile phone numbers apart from email addresses. Apple iOS and Google Android mobile advertising IDs are also supported so that you can create audiences of users who have installed your apps or who take actions including viewing a product or scoring a level in your apps. This functionality is extended to Ads API for advertisers that prefer to work directly with Twitter’s Ads API partners.

The new update also supports user privacy choices implemented earlier along with the limit ad tracking (specifying a minimum audience size for all tailored audiences to curb excessive specific ad targeting) facility on iOS and Android devices for audiences with mobile advertising IDs.

With audience manager tool and look-alike-only targeting, you can expand the ad outreach further without overt promotional tactics. However, the most important advantage with the new update is the mobile ad targeting. The mobile advertising IDs provide you with an opportunity to create tailored mobile audiences, show them your promoted account and engage them as your followers. Twitter itself says look-alike-only targeting is very useful for mobile app promotion campaigns to reach users who are very much similar to the users who have already installed your apps.