Including Paid Online Promotion as Part of Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Paid Online PromotionOnline marketing services are designed to help businesses optimize their sales through conversion, expanding online visibility and repeat traffic. Paid online promotion and advertising is significant as a method to create solid value and there is a chance it could be a part of the bigger internet marketing strategy that could also improve the SEO work.

Paid online promotion can work side by side with organic SEO. It could consist of the usual paid search, along with remarketing, display ads, and paid ads on the social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. The influence of social media is everywhere. If you truly wish to reach your target audience, these are the best places to find them, engage with them on a much deeper level, and convince them to buy your service or product.

Google PPC, Google AdWords, and paid banner advertisements among others are the methods that are available for internet marketing. People use these for website promotion or brand promotion that would lead to increased conversion of visitors to customers.

Organic searches have been noted to have dropped of late. Especially on Facebook, it appears as though a shift in its algorithms has caused certain posts to get a lower visibility, while others have seen a rise organically. The pages having thousands of likes have undergone a huge decline in organic search. Speculations are that it is an initiative to push them towards paid advertisement. Even though people are slightly averse to paying for online promotion, it has tremendous potential to enhance the existing prospects of the business. Paid promotions would lead you to examine your strategies to ensure that the effort and resources put into them are not wasted. It would also blend in harmoniously with the overall strategy of marketing.

The ideal strategy would be to use a combination of the earned and paid online promotion and advertising. The budget need not be drained if you follow the best practices that would help develop a profitable campaign. The more you strategize the likelier you are to succeed. For launching a successful promotional campaign the marketing team must –

  • Prepare a budget for the online promotion.
  • Identify your target audience’s subscribership to different online media.
  • Choose a medium on which you wish promote your business.
  • Consider how the paid promotion campaign is going to correspond with any other kind of promotion you are engaging in.
  • Consider external factors such as legislative calendar, holidays, and news cycles among others that could have an effect on the promotional campaign.
  • Once the promotion is launched make sure the online marketing services monitor, support, and optimize it through the end of the campaign.

Paid Promotion as a Medium of Testing

Paid promotion can also be considered a precursor to further optimization and creation of distinctive content from one perspective. Optimization requires a lengthy amount of time and as much effort, if not more, in creating quality content. Paid promotion and advertising will allow you to determine if that extent of investment is actually worth it.

  • Facebook is the paradise for connectivity of all sorts. A study conducted by a media website examined the effectiveness of headlines through Facebook. They used Facebook ads to determine the interest in projects. If the click through rate (CTR) is not up to the mark for building a project, you need to make sure you have an actual audience. Facebook makes segmentation of population very easily for business purposes. You can target any demographic, quite literally. The book lovers, the car enthusiasts, the punk rock aficionado, the golf amateurs, whichever segment you want to target, you can target through pages.
  • Google AdWords are an ultimate source to acquire the right titles and keywords, and product visibility along with it. Prices would vary for each of these tests considerably. It is controlled by the keyword types that you targeted and the ultimate number of clicks you would need to get results that are statistically significant as well. The downside of it is the SEO process is restricted until the results come in.

AdWords can also act as a vast source for keyword data. That is down to the fact that it is possible to calculate the exact conversion rate for keywords opted by your site. Twitter, or any other online marketing platform would offer similar techniques if you want to give it a shot. Facebook and Google though are the most widely used and easiest launching platforms for business or website promotion. The SEO advantages of such testing are enormous. You can later select the best keywords for using in the titles based on the conversion rates for your site for each visit. Getting a conversion rate of only a tenth of the visitor count is losing battle compared to a conversion rate that is at par with the number of visitors. You can apply the same principle for the revenue generation. Paid search will help you know what to avoid in terms of targets and keywords.

A plethora of avenues are at your disposal currently for paid online promotion and advertising. There are a bunch of websites and companies that offer search engine ads, banner ads, contextual ads, blog ads, RSS ads, and dedicated emails to name just a few. Having a clear sight of your campaign goal and your target audience will help you choose the appropriate medium of paid promotion. Your target selection is based on the location, keywords, and referring URLs, among others. You must not follow a certain kind of ad just because it is popular. It needs to be relevant to your product or service.

After the technical aspects of your promotions are sorted, developing a creative strategy comes next in line. Internet marketing ads are generally classified into two categories. Graphical ads are the ones that comprise the banners and the blog ads and textual which refer to search engine or the RSS ads. These are a few things you should take care of while preparing for the ad –

Graphic ads:

  • Take the size of the ads into account. Think of it as a canvas and paint your best image.
  • Decide on the location on the page where the ad is to be posted and its relevance to the content along with it.
  • In case you want to use animation in the ad, the image or the text must make sense regardless of the moment the attention is drawn to it.
  • The ad must be eye-catching but not over-the-top. If the ad isn’t engaging enough, it defeats its whole purpose.

Textual ads:

  • The message in your ad must be precise and should directly speak to the target audience as nearly all text ads use the pay per click where you only have to pay when someone clicks. This would weed out the random visitors.
  • The headline must contain at least one of the keywords you have purchased. Lack of it would clearly affect visibility.
  • Mind the character limitations. Brevity is the key to keep it simple but effective. Online marketing services will provide you with expert content writers to help achieve this.


Getting traffic in and of itself is quite satisfactory, but it can be even more so if it generates revenue. Remarketing refers to leading the past visitors into buying your product and then convincing them to continue to buy it with some added incentives, like an email subscription along with coupons and/or discounts. Research has documented its extreme effectiveness. The obvious explanation for this phenomenon is that remarketing is basically turning visitors into re-visitors. Studies have shown the positive impact of remarketing on SEO. It has the power to turn a simple product into a brand.