Influencer Marketing – A Crucial Aspect of Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingAsk any person who has a blog or a website about how much time and effort it takes to write a post that is informative and interesting at the same time, and they will tell you that apart from the hours of research, writing a decent post also involves interest, dedication and some serious hard work. When anyone writes a post on any topic, the primary goal is to reach out through that post to the maximum number of people, make them like and share your post on all the social media outlets so it gets the recognition it deserves and in turn makes sure that your business thrives.

However, social media marketing for your post is easy only in words. In reality, this involves a lot of effort on your part. The perfect strategy for link building or SEO is one in which whenever you post something interesting, it immediately gathers followers for you who in turn post them thus continuing this cycle for you and indirectly becoming your brand ambassadors. In order to get this so called traffic to your page, you need people who are known as “influencers” in the web world.

In “influencer marketing”, the primary focal point is on specific key individuals or types of individuals rather than the target market as a whole. This type of marketing in crude layman terms identifies the individuals who have maximum influence over the potential buyers and by getting them to put in a good word or two about your product everyone who follows them will also follow you thus expanding your chain of fans and customers.

In this article, we will learn how to find these so called “influencers” in this humungous internet world, and how to get them to pay you enough attention so they help you bring in maximum traffic to your website or blog. Three of the most powerful ways to find the industry influencers are:

  • Social influence metric tools: If you are looking to make your mark in the world of social media marketing, then knowing about the social influence metric tools which are quickly gaining a lot of importance in this market would be a good place to begin. These tools literally go through each and every social media site and get all the information regarding interactions on a particular topic right to your door step. All you need to do next is analyze this data and understand the ranking they provide for each online business or person. This will help you find the one who has the most influence in your field and thus take you one step further towards garnering the required traffic towards your page. Although there are a number of such social influence metric tools available in the market, you deserve the best and some of the best names are PeerIndex, Kred and Klout.
    • PeerIndex: This is a very innovative tool and its work is based on measuring the users’ engagement levels and influence on social media platforms. After all, the more engaged the user is on social media, better are the chances that he is your potential “go-to” person for help as he is sure to get more number of people through his kind words and appreciation. This tool makes use of a unique set of algorithms to measure the influence of different people in different sectors. Be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+, it can reach the people on all of these and gather the required information in no time for you to use and prosper. If you know what your market is, you can put in the information and soon know who the top influencers are in this market by the useful information provided by this tool which is broken down based on the influence levels.
    • Kred: If you are looking for a comprehensive tool to help you devise the best SEO or link building strategy with the help from the pros in your market, that is the influencers, then this should be the one you choose. This tool not only finds the key influencers for you, it also gives you enough actionable insights about them as well as sufficient intelligence about all your competitors out there. With the help of all the algorithms it uses, it lastly comes up with an influence score which makes your task of selection all the more easy. Besides all this, one of the most fascinating features of this tool is the information that it gives you about the outreach activity of the influencers. This refers to how many times they actually retweet, reply, share and mention other people like you. Therefore once you get the hang of this tool, all you need to do is find the ones who engage a lot with other people for they are the ones who will help you out at the end of the day to get more people to like and share your posts.
    • Klout: Apart from being one of the first sites to measure the social influence, this tool measures more than 400 metrics and has been in the market since 2008. Some of the social media sites on which this tool measures activity are Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and even the Klout website itself. This tool just like the other two uses its own set of algorithms to give you an influence score between 1 and 100, thus helping you find the best candidate influencer as per your needs. Another bonus while using this tool is that it also includes blog influence and so you have easy access to the top bloggers on any topic or in any market.
  • Social Media Platforms: In case you don’t have the money or resources to spend on the above mentioned social influence metric tools, you still have the entire world of social media wide open for you. You can use any of these with the creation of a simple and free account and immediately gain access to the influencers you need to help you out in social media marketing. Even though they may not be able to provide you with as comprehensive information as any of the metric tools, it still doesn’t mean they cannot be used intelligently to develop a good link building or SEO strategy. Some of these platforms are:
    • Twitter: You can directly use the search function on Twitter or Twitter analytics to reach the potential influencers in your field.
    • Facebook: Check out for people in your industry and like the ones who have a huge fan base and high engagement rate. These are your potential influencers.
    • Google+: Join relevant groups and discover new industry leaders through the ripples.
    • LinkedIn: Search for the influencers in your area of interest, follow them both here and on other social sites, then join groups and keep your eyes open for the group influencers.
    • Pinterest: Search for the potential influencers by typing in the keywords you have in your post. Once you find the ones who have engaged in articles with keywords of your choice, follow them and make the final effort to get them to like and share your content with their already present audience.
  • Search Engines: Search engines are definitely one of the easiest ways of finding people with common interests as you. Although these outlets may not be able to provide you with the type of elaborate information you want, it is still a very good beginning and if nothing will give a good bird’s eye view of all the relevant sites out there and that could be a brilliant starting point for you to find the perfect influencer for your work.

Once you have located the potential influencer using any of the tools and ideas mentioned above, the next and final step from your side to having the perfect SEO and link building is to contact these influencers and convince them to help you out. Now this too requires a certain amount of tact and style. First and foremost you must know there is no substitute for good quality material. All these efforts will be in vain if not backed by some exceptional material. Only when the material is eye catching will anyone be interested in sharing or liking it.

Another important thing to remember in the case of social media marketing is that the email that you write to introduce yourself and your post should be short and to the point. Some appreciation for their work won’t ever fail you as it will only help them like you better, but you must also remember not to overdo it. Leave them with a choice to look into your work because as per human psychology that always works better. Using these techniques will not only help you in link and SEO building, but will also help increase your fan base with every passing day.