Infographic Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Marketing

Infographic MistakesSocial media has been very productive with respect to innovation and new ways of marketing. There are multiple ways in which people prefer to promote their brand. It is more about passing the message correctly and appropriately than promoting the brand. When a message is being passed in a different, innovative way, the ones at the reading end understand the message better.

Why Infographics?

People like attractive things. When you see a bright, nice and catchy billboard or a hoarding, you make sure you read it. It is a completely opposite story for the lousy, unattractive hoardings or even posters. Infographics do the work of attracting the crowd with some catchy content, design and color combinations. It is important for every element on the infographic to blend in with the other. People understand the visual language better. Even kids, while learning through a virtual platform, understand things better than just reading, writing and listening.

The creation and development of infographics is one awesome innovation the digital world has come up with. When your message or the information that you wish to convey is presented in a graphical visual representation, or with a blend of content and graphics, you are using an Infographic. It gives an explanation to all the queries clearly and easily. According to Edward Tufte, “Graphical displays should:

  • Show the data
  • Induce the viewer to think about the substance rather than about methodology, graphic design, the technology of graphic production or something else
  • Avoid distorting what the data has to say
  • Present many numbers in a small space
  • Make large data sets coherent
  • Encourage the eye to compare different pieces of data
  • Reveal the data at several levels of detail, from a broad overview to the fine structure
  • Serve a reasonably clear purpose: description, exploration, tabulation or decoration
  • Be closely integrated with the statistical and verbal descriptions of a data set

Point to Note When Creating an Infographic

  • Research facts and statistics
  • Reference facts in your infographic
  • Develop and present a coherent story
  • Keep it simple
  • Decide on a color scheme
  • Convey the message quickly
  • Ensure that your argument holds and is relevant to your audience
  • Draw conclusions
  • Include your URL on your infographic so people know who made it

Infographics and Social Media Marketing

The maximum use of Infographics has been made by the social media marketing industry. Isn’t that obvious? Considering how social media marketing is all about making your presence felt, this doesn’t come as a surprise. To advertise, promote and even convey a message on some social awareness program, an Infographic is the best solution. But creating an Infographic is a task. The best part about an Infographic is that, it is an image which you can share easily, anywhere and everywhere you like. It is very easy to draw attention to an Infographic than to any other content. From the social media point of view, this is a very good thing. People can find your brand anywhere and everywhere. Your views, ideas, content and design reach each and every corner without you doing anything. When you create an Infographic, you will of course share your logo and website address. This leads to spreading awareness of your brand. Making people aware of your brand isn’t the only step but is the most important step.

Social Media Marketing

No matter how easy you find an Infographic when you see one, when you actually build one yourself, you know how tough it is and how much effort goes into it. It makes your position strong and that of an expert. People know that you know your stuff. They will believe you for you have created something unique out of your expertise. Not everyone can get it right. Many infographics fail badly. Unless you have your data straight, you can’t really think of moving further. Let’s check how and due to what reasons infographics go badly wrong.

Mistakes While Creating Infographics

There are many factors that lead to creating a bad infographic. Let’s look at them one by one.

Content Issues

When you are unclear about your ideas on the infographic, you don’t really understand what content has to be put into the graphic. You could get too descriptive with the content than required, or it might happen that the content is not sufficient. If an infographic is more about content and less about design and catchy elements, there is no point making it an infographic. ( shares an amazing infographic which talks about Infographic itself.

The information you provide should be precise. If you give out too much information, your readers won’t be excited to know further and there won’t be any curiosity.

Info-share and Branding!

The worst and the silliest things someone can do is, forget their branding. You cannot afford to lose your branding for anything. Everything about this stuff should be interesting. If you are unable to portray your views on an infographic well, it gets even more difficult to convey it to your readers.

While adding your logos and making your presence felt, you don’t need to have every detail filled with your company information and logo. You need to make some space for the main content too. Do not forget that the readers are reading the content and not your logo.


It is very important to check how your infographic looks. It shouldn’t look crammed up. The information should be clear correct and concise. If your information is not as per your readers’ expectations, you will not be loved! Just like the content, the images you use in an Infographic need to be of good quality. They must be high resolution images and clear enough for the readers. For more details on how to present yourself better, you may refer to the following few to-do points in infographic.

There are other factors as well which may lead to mess with your infographic.

Poor Planning

Infographics require sound research, creativity, editing and approvals. If you are rushing at the last minute, you will face the worst and won’t be able to finish it in time. With everything on, you also need to find time to go viral with your Infographic. People need to know what you have created and in time. It is crucial to plan ahead and allow the infographic time to pick up speed.

Lack of Marketing

If you create something, you need to make sure that it reaches each and every possible corner of the world. Unless you promote your product or market it well, there is no use of doing anything new either. Your Infographic is a whole article in itself. You may post it and add nothing else to it. You need to make it as SMO friendly as possible. The best part is, you may share an infographic on places like Pinterest, which deal with sharing images. Also, another thing you need to make sure while you are marketing is that your Infographic is designed by keeping responsive design in mind. It needs to adjust accordingly.

Infographics are easy? No, they are definitely not easy to create. But they bring you more people than SEO could bring in.

While you are creating an infographic, you need to keep 3 things in your mind:

  • The idea behind creating that Infographic
  • Content or data you want to use to convey your message
  • In what manner you intend to portray your message for your audience to like it

Once you are clear on these three things, going about building an Infographic shouldn’t be a huge task.