Is Facebook Great for your Business Marketing Plan?

Facebook is the largest social network in the world and enables users to share text updates, photos, videos and just about anything. You could even create and organize meetings and events and deploy ads. Though conceived as a social network for staying in touch with friends and contacts, Facebook has evolved to become a great business opportunity. Businesses could use this for advertising and building relationships with potential clients. They are using it as a social media marketing opportunity by optimizing and potentially increasing their presence on the web by having in house social media expert watch and interact with their potential customers or having an SEO company manage it for them.

Facebook is the Preferred Network to Hang around

People just love Facebook and hanging around in this social network is an activity the average individual performs at regular or irregular intervals. There is always a buzz around this social network and you have people from all walks of life here. If you want to know people and make friends, this is it. Interestingly, the fastest growing users of Facebook are in the age group of 45 to 54 years. And if you wish to popularize your business and target yourself to potential customers, this is it too.

Is Facebook Great for your Business Marketing Plan

Big Stats

Facebook is also the biggest social network in the US when it comes to providing news for users. 30% among the 64% of US adults who use Facebook every month use it to get news.

97% of American consumers search for local businesses online! And social networks, particularly Facebook, feature strongly in this process. Recommendations for various shops, restaurants, services and online stores often come from contacts in the social networks. Surely your business should cache in on this world of opportunity.

What to Share on Facebook

There are things you can share on Facebook which won’t look overly promotional, or even mildly promotional, but will nevertheless play its part in fulfilling your cause. It’s important to think wisely before posting anything. What’s significant is that what you share must add value or provide something useful for your readers – it could be useful tips for doing something properly or some interesting titbit of information. It could also be a joke or a hilarious video. You could also present an account of how you built up your business and how you plan to reach your goals through it. It also helps if you could connect with people personally.

Advertising directly on your Facebook page could be a big turn off for your existing and potential followers. It is vital to exercise control when dealing with customer complaints on the social network. Respond to complaints just once since that will prevent back and forth conversations which could turn sour and perhaps even affect the rest of your followers. A good social media and optimization company or SEO services company can either consult or provide a good social media management service.

Here’s something to chew on. Around 189 million of Facebook users only browse through the social network from their smartphones. It means your website must be optimized for the mobile website viewing experience to attract more potential customers. Mobile SEO and Optimization is becoming as important as Social Media. The overall landscape is changing fast with smartphones. Its time to be proactive than reactive.