Is Google Plus Important for Your Online Marketing Initiatives?

GlobalWebIndex, a market research firm published a survey in January 2013, which revealed that Google + is the second largest service having a large number of active users after Facebook. It points out that Google Plus is becoming very popular among users. A popular social media platform serves as an outstanding medium for online marketing as it connects to a wide circle of customers. Google Plus is therefore imperative for implementing the marketing initiatives taken by online marketers. If you are already using Facebook for your marketing purposes, you can import your Facebook contacts to Google Plus and drive the attention of Facebook customers too. The overwhelming popularity of Google + makes Google Plus Marketing an ideal choice for online marketers; its excellent features provide better marketing possibilities. Let us explore those features in detail.

Interactive Google + Posts

With interactive Google +posts, you can bring your customers to your app for marketing purposes. You can add CTA (Call-To-Action) button to such posts and ask your customers to buy an item, check-in or do similar actions for improving the sales of your products / services. Google provides a list of labels to be used for CTA buttons and there is facility for translating the label into native language. Suppose you have created an app for adding your products or services to the customer’s shopping cart. You can write an interactive post and select ‘ADD_TO_CART’ label for your CTA button so that it will link to a dynamic URL that adds your product to the customer’s shopping cart.

Interactive posts also support deep linking, which allows the Google + app to direct clicks received by interactive posts to your app in customers’ mobile devices. If the customers have not installed the app, they will be prompted to install it. Thus, this feature will help to drive the attention of mobile customers.

Google + Authorship

If you are following the marketing strategy of submitting well-written articles on various blogs or social media sites, then Google + provides you with an outstanding feature, Google Authorship, to authorize your content on search results. Once you use Google Authorship, your name will come along with your Google + posts in search results so that no one can claim and use your work for their marketing advantages. Here is a Google + post found on Google search results, authored by Matt Cutts.

Matt Cutts - Google Plus Post

However, Google portrays authorship only for well-written, informative articles and not for a mere description that includes product review or property listing.

HangOuts and Google + Communities

Google + provides two excellent options for engaging with customers and receiving their feedbacks:

  • HangOuts – This facility allow you to carry out both video conferencing and group conversation with your customers. It serves as an outstanding communication tool for Google Plus Marketing. The success of ‘Triple Chocolate Hangout on Air’ by Cadbury is a perfect example for this. The online tasting test conducted by Cadbury received overwhelming response. We can even say that it served the purpose of a promotional ad.
  • Communities – You can create pubic communities on Google + and encourage discussions, conversation and debate with customers so that you can understand what exactly your customers expect from your product or service. It is also possible to share events, product reviews, photos or other information regarding your business with customers.

+1 Button

By placing the +1 button in your business website, you can encourage your customers to recommend the content in the website to their Google Plus friends and followers. This will help drive traffic to your website from Google Plus. When the customers click on the +1 button, a small window will open with the fields to add names, circles or e-mail addresses to recommend the relevant post as shown below.

+1 Button

In this way, you can drive a lot of traffic to your website from Google Plus and utilize the benefits of social media marketing.

Google + Branded Business Page

Google + provides the facility to create an exclusive page for your business. You can simply log into your Google + account, click the ‘Create a Page’ button and choose a suitable category (as shown below).

Google + Branded Business Page

With a branded business page, you can establish your own business identity on the internet. Moreover, it will show up in the top search results for location specific, product specific or any other specific search. Business page provides all the facilities mentioned above along with conversion reporting.

Even though these facilities are extremely useful to achieve your marketing goals, it is very important to get support from an expert that has thorough knowledge regarding the various aspects of Google Plus Marketing. This will help you to utilize these facilities well and avoid the risk of over-optimization. The best option is to approach a professional SEO company that offers reliable social media optimization services. Such a company can provide you with affordable social media packages to utilize Google Plus for your marketing purposes.