The New SEO – Similarity to Traditional Marketing Tactics

With the shift of marketing to the Internet landscape, both established brands and small businesses now focus on online marketing and implement a variety of SEO tactics to achieve top search engine result page ranking. However, with Google rolling out several new changes and algorithms and with the growth of social media and mobile search, businesses now have to think beyond just technical SEO, though that still matters. Looking for any quick or easy results is pointless in the current scenario. Experts suggest new SEO tactics have a striking similarity to traditional marketing tactics. It’s about mastering the technique of branding building by leveraging both new and old marketing tactics.

More Links to Build Brand and Reputation

A few years ago, optimization meant building as much as inbound links to your website as possible. However, link building practices that focus on quantity just doesn’t work on Google. You need to adhere to best practices for organic link building to win with your SEO. The new tactic is natural link building – building your brand and reputation so that the people will naturally link to your business website. Here are some tactics that can help generate organic links:

  • Content Marketing – Google’s Penguin update emphasizes the importance of great content. The Hummingbird algorithm and Knowledge Graph further increased the significance of semantic search. These developments demand more relevant, informative content rather than promotional content designed just to build links. ‘In-depth articles’ (high quality articles displayed on the first page results on Google) and Google+ authorship imply that content quality and authenticity are more important for visibility than just the promotional element.

In-depth Articles

Creating and posting specific, high quality content would help you gain higher search rankings and drive the attention of your targeted audience. This will position you as an expert in your industry and make users link to your site naturally.

  • Rich PinSocial Media Optimization – Creating a business page on popular social networking sites and optimizing it the right way can make targeted clients link to your site. Most social media sites (Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest) offer an exclusive page for businesses and several features to build your brand reputation. For example, restaurant businesses can use the ‘Rich Pin’ feature on Pinterest’s business page to provide recipes and pictures of various dishes. This will help attract more customers and induce them to link to your business website.
  • Viral Marketing – Conveying strong marketing messages in the form of exciting videos, images and informative articles across the Web will catch the attention of your target audience and encourage them to visit your website.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Social Networks

In the old days, businesses relied on billboards on highways. Now, the parallel is visibility on social media platforms. With large audiences from different niches, social networks are an excellent platform for word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing. Here are some tips to win positive WOM marketing results through social networking sites:

  • Facebook OfferAdvertising on Social Sites – Just like billboards, attractive jpeg images can be used on social networks to advertise your products or services. Coupons can be tweeted instead of clippings in real world. Facebook provides the ‘Facebook Offer’ feature which allows Facebook marketers to share discounts with the customers. When the customer clicks on ‘Get Offer’ button, an e-mail is sent to that customer through the primary e-mail associated with the Facebook account. The customer can then redeem the offer by showing the online coupon received through e-mail at the physical location.
  • Social Media Listening – This technique involves listening to what is being said on various social networking sites regarding your industry, product, brand, company, competition and customers, measuring the trends and finding an effective way to connect with your audience. This would help in your efforts to create a positive image about your business across social network users.

Positive word-of-mouth marketing on social networks is a great way to drive the attention of your targeted audience and make them recommend your services or products to their social contacts – family, friends and acquaintances. This will increase traffic to your business website and eventually improve its SERP ranking. However, the new search engine optimization tactics will not bring results overnight and you need to be patient. To achieve the best results, you should implement the strategy that will work best for your business. For example, Pinterest is an ideal platform for restaurants as it is image-friendly, while LinkedIn is a better choice for corporate businesses as it connects employers and employees.

Building your brands and choosing the right blend of online marketing strategies is easier with help from a professional SEO company. The team of SEO specialists in such companies keeps track of happenings in the online world and will help you devise the right techniques to stay ahead of the game.