Search Engine Optimization: Try Blogging

Search Engine OptimizationBlogging, blog marketing and content marketing have brought about a change in the way online business promotion is done these days. Earlier, small firms that did not have a budget to market their products and services would not find the kind of visibility that is possible today. Blogging is a not an expensive way of promoting goods and services, and is an ideal method small companies can use to gain new customers and grow. In the present internet age, there is an overload of information, and everyone would feel overwhelmed with the information available at some point or another. There is a lot of information available in the form of blogs, news, and stories that you could never possibly read through.

It’s quite easy to publish and write more blogs, update your social media pages. However, just putting up content that is not valuable won’t help your cause. A wrong blogging strategy can also backfire and spoil the reputation of the company that is using blog marketing for its promotions. There are certain mistakes that you should avoid at all costs, so that you do not end up wasting the reader’s time.

  • Do not complicate content: You may think that writing complex content is a sign that you are learned, intelligent and have achieved something in life. Yet you need to simplify your message so that it is easy for the reader to understand. You don’t need to push your ideas, instead let your content inspire them to think about it.
  • Don’t be self indulgent: Readers may not like to read about your life and your stories. The content you generate needs to be inspiring, appealing and attractive enough for readers. If your stories are funny and would help the readers, then there should be a mention of it.
  • You don’t have to publish daily: If your readers are receiving notifications every day for yet another post that you have written then it is possible that you are blocking their inbox. If you are just writing content for the sake of it without adding anything new then you are not only wasting space but also wasting the reader’s time. You can be sure that your readers will be quite happy to read one blog post that is fascinating rather than spend time on stale content.
  • Your content is purely SEO: Writing content that is meant only for search engines like Google will not make the content interesting. It is possible your readers may get bored with the blog post. It is more sensible to write for your readers and then optimize it for the search engines after sometime.
  • You are more focused on word count: The word count doesn’t matter in reality, what matters is that the content is appealing, attractive and interesting enough for the readers to keep coming back to it. There are some who profess that more content is better, however that is not entirely true. You need to write text that communicates your ideas to the reader. If you are habituated to writing nearly 550 words, try writing within 400.
  • You use a lot of jargon: A lot of bombastic words, jargon, gobbledygook, will do nothing but slow down your readers. A technical term will make the readers stop and think about the meaning of your words. Sentences that use a lot of jargon will only confuse the reader because there are a lot of words that don’t need to be there. By removing the words that are not required from the content, you would be doing your readers a favour. Replacing long words with shorter and more concise words will not only make it simple; it will definitely delight your readers. Creating a blog post that is easy to read is important. You can also imagine that you are writing for a teenager. Use plain English without making it complicated.
  • Your conclusions are old and out of date: It is quite easy to make that mistake. You have put a lot of effort into writing the post and you have managed to finish it. However, a conclusion that is not inspiring enough creates a feeling similar to that of eating a cheap ice-cream after dinner at a fine restaurant. Make sure that your conclusion is fresh, inspiring and motivating. You can write the conclusion of the article first or even the next day after writing the post.
  • You don’t know who you’re writing for: You need to know whom you are writing the post for. There may be hundreds who read your posts, but not knowing may kill your talent for writing quickly. Not knowing your audience will make the posts more general and it could end up being a dry as dust post. Think you are speaking to your favourite reader and then write the post rather than thinking that you are talking to a crowd. Thinking of different ways in which you can talk to that one person would help to make your blogs engaging, interesting and personal. The conversational tone will make the reader feel that the content is meant for him or her.
  • You don’t care about your topic: If you are fed up of writing about the subject, don’t you think the readers could be bored too? If you do not care then how can you expect the readers to care about your blog post? A boring post may put off the reader from reading your blog again. A post that is put up with enthusiasm and passion will bring the reader back to your blog to read some more. What can you do to become enthusiastic when you find the subject boring? You can try and speak to the client and ask them for more information or even check with an executive how he would sell your ideas. You can also think of allied topics that may be related to your subject. You may not be able to change the content, but you can always polish it up.
  • You edit your posts in less than five minutes: Are you an expert blogger who writes flawless posts the first time? There are some who may not be able to edit their post in one go. You can do it in steps. Check on the flow of the blog post, is there something that you can delete without damaging the story. Take out any content that seemed funny earlier but now seem irrelevant to you. Make the content simple and concise and remove obsolete words. Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors. Edit completely so that your post is clear, simple, easy to comprehend and interesting to read.
  • You don’t show your personality: There are many who are writing the same thing as you are. What can you do to present the information differently? How do you make this content fascinating enough to be read? To stand out among others you need to share your experiences and provide tips in a refreshing style. If you write like a robot, then you become one of the thousand writers who write.

Search engine optimization is the process or method in which you optimize the web pages to correspond with the search results the search engines showcase for a certain search phrase. This is a system that helps you in increasing the visibility and the traffic to your website through the use of keywords that have been pre-selected depending on their relevance to your business. Optimizing would mean improving the chances that the visitor would select the link for your webpage and not someone else’s. Optimizing for the search engine is a part of the SEM marketing umbrella and is free of cost. Frequently used tools for this purpose are keyword searches, Meta tagging, adding proper titles to the web pages and content creation in the form of blogs, articles, press releases and so on.

SEO offers quite a few benefits, the topmost being

  • Increase traffic and footfalls on the website
  • The return on investment can be calculated easily as SEO can be quantified and tracked whether it is for an e-commerce firm or a brick and mortar one.
  • SEO is cost-effective, since it targets those people who are actively seeking the products and services you could be producing. It is one of the most effective and cheap marketing strategies being used today.
  • Increased site navigation. In a bid to optimize the website for search engine crawlers, the website becomes easy to navigate even for the visitors.
  • The higher the traffic, the more people are aware of your brand. SEO helps in improving the brand awareness among people who are looking for products that you may be promoting.