SEO PR Strategy to Enhance Your Website Marketing Efforts

SEO PR StrategyIt’s not enough to simply create a high value product or service. High profits can be ensured only if anything of value is marketed well. With search engines, especially Google, focusing on displaying only quality content and relevant links, the combination of SEO and PR (Public Relations) has evolved into a powerful strategy that can help businesses achieve their online marketing goals. Writing press releases, blogs, articles and other material to promote your products and services for search engine optimization purposes can get your content indexed by search engines and enhance your site’s ranking and visibility. However, proper PR is necessary to distribute your high value content. Here are some best practices for SEO and PR.

Create High-Quality Content

  • A Focused Message – Rather than cramming up too many themes to appeal multiple audiences, identify your niche audience and create and distribute focused messages to cater to this segment. Unfocused content would lack the edge to woo right audiences – remember that both people and search engines seek specific information.
  • Include a Link to More Information – Adding a link to the relevant web page within the article or at the end of it is important as it will provide information to help the readers to understand better what your PR content is promoting. You would also get many inbound links to your site. However, you must avoid using exact-match, optimized anchor text links. Under Google’s link schemes, it is clearly specified that press release content including forced optimized anchor text will not rank well in Google search results. Here is Google’s example of over-optimized anchor text:

    “There are many wedding rings on the market. If you want to have a wedding, you will have to pick the best ring. You will also need to buy flowers and a wedding dress”

    Here, all optimized anchor texts point to ‘’ and have no relation with that domain. Linking to is done to manipulate ranking through unnatural links and constitute a Google Penguin violation. Experts suggest using call to action for hyperlinking (for example, ‘click here’) instead of keywords.

  • Try to Add Images – Including images in your content would make it more compelling and shareable. Search engines give preference to multimedia content. You should add your key phrase at the beginning of the photo caption.

Choose the Right Keywords

In order to improve your website ranking, it is very important to optimize your articles with right keywords. Adding the right keywords phrases in your article will enhance your website’s search engine result page (SERP) ranking. These keywords will also help the press to identify your articles when they search in major news feeds. There are many specialized companies offering keyword research services to help businesses identify the most relevant keywords and even offer content development services to optimize your content with these keywords. If you are developing your own content, remember that overuse of keywords or simply stuffing irrelevant keywords in your content can invite an algorithmic penalty. Adhere to the following optimization practices:

  • Add a single keyword in the title or subheading and use it only a couple of time in the body of the content
  • You can use synonyms to minimize the use of keywords as Google can understand what you mean, thanks to Hummingbird. Instead of keywords, you can also use co-occurrence (two terms that appear related to each other). Googe will consider them synonyms. For example, you can use ‘antique doors made of teak’ in place of ‘antique teak doors’
  • Add Google Authorship to your PR content to make it authoritative and credible. This will give your content higher authority when someone searches on Google with the keywords you used.

Website Content Optimization

You can gain a high PR by optimizing the content on your website. Try to have a newsroom and make it a popular space for customer and partners. The newsroom can have optimized press releases, event listings, links to press coverage, a media library, press release distribution options, and so on. PR professionals may measure the ROI of their SEO PR efforts. So it is important to understand the theme of press release well and choose the right keyword phrases for products and services featured in the release to optimize it. The headline, body, title, Meta tags, anchor links and web page elements including URLs should be optimized with the right keywords.

Effective Submission

It is not enough to focus on optimizing your PR articles – you should identify the right websites to submit your articles. Though there are several article publishing websites, make sure that you submit your articles to those sites which publish quality content as they would be crawled easily by search engines. Submission to these sites would ensure high traffic and ranking for your content. Add your website link within the article or at the end part in order to receive inbound links without returning a link back.

Distributing social media news releases (SMNR) that integrate blog posts, multimedia (video clips, Mp3 or podcast links), images, embeddable components, bookmarks, tech documentation, RSS feeds, citations, multiple links is very significant these days. Such news releases allows PR professionals to select the information that best serves their interest, editorial style and audience and target online publishers, bloggers and direct consumers along with professional journalists and news media reporters. Media press release submission will make the news available to popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+, and improve the visibility of your website since search engines pay attention to social signals on content.

You should pick the right SEO PR strategies based on the nature and goals of your website. A professional approach to SEO can help you evaluate the performance of your website and determine which SEO PR strategy can bring you the best outcomes.