SEO Strategies to Rise above the Challenges Faced By Link Building Solutions

E-commerce solutions can be a challenging task for even hardened SEO professionals. Brand building and marketing is one thing but attracting links to initiate the selling process needs multiple techniques to achieve your goals. Let us consider some of the effective strategies that will help to enhance productivity.

SEO Strategies

Create a Quality Website

The first agenda on any e-commerce tactic has always been to create a website. A website standing on its own will not guarantee links. There are many factors fundamental to a good website.

  • Utilize various themes and templates widely available to make it visually appealing. Make content and promotion the main point of focus.
  • Reduce the number of advertisements and endorsements as main targets for revenue. Your product needs to sell and that should be your target for earning revenue.
  • A comprehensive website detailing products on separate pages creates an individual identity for the products. While a generalized page may have to wait for link-ups, a particular product might just start the ball rolling.
  • Incorporating a blog within your website is a good practice, but rather than dedicating your blog to glorification of your products and yourself, your blog should provide a reader with a richer experience.
  • Talk about people, talk about various situations that offer your product as solutions to problems arising from such situations, offer advice, talk about business in general. A blog that is interesting will always attract links.

Utilize Your Business Relationships

In today’s world of e-commerce, your business relationships hold more value than you could imagine. You could either share links with websites owned by your vendors, dealers or manufacturers or you could request them to provide back links on their websites linking to you. The same process can be adopted using family and friends. You may be having personal contact with great websites and blogs that are trending on the net. These are the resources you need to tap to initiate the link building process.

Effective Use of Social Media

Social media has embedded itself into the very psyche of humanity. Everybody has a Facebook page and so must you. What should set you apart from the everyday user is a smart profiling of your content. It would be of no use embarking on a liking spree expecting the same in return. Likes do not result in conversions. You need to get users to participate in the content on your page and for that you need to engage them in activity. Initiate a contest related to your product with the assurance of prizes to users and participants. This in turn will generate curiosity and build awareness about your sites.

Link up your social media accounts. Your activity in Twitter could be utilized to generate awareness to Facebook pages and various websites across other forums.

Quality Content Is the Mark of a Reliable Website

Time and again one of the core factors that influence good SEO is quality content. Most users fail to understand the importance of content and expect only link building to complete the job. While links are important, they are just part of a wide spectrum of search engine optimization. The result has been a laid back attitude towards content with users subjected to huge amounts of content covering a single subject. For any given product, a single search result with content may satisfy a user but what if your content does not feature within that search?

Content needs to invite activity from users. The point being driven here is that you need to offer something beyond just content. Incorporate schemes within your content that would generate larger traffic to your site. Get creative and force your SEO services to be innovative rather than focus on quality use of words. Create activity that would help you gain leverage over users knowing that you offer something more.

Locate Key Word Reports from Google

When creating content, there is a unique way to acquire quality keywords that possess the potential to initiate a conversion. Using a search query report from Google’s webmaster tools will help in locating certain keywords that do not feature in your site. These are the factors missing from your content and the prime reasons why you don’t figure in the top ranks of search engines. Using analytical reports from Google can also locate keywords whose usage has resulted in a single or more conversions online.

Article and Guest Blog Submissions

The best way to manage your blogs and increase their visibility and presence on search engines is to invite guest submissions. Submitting your blogs to good directories that are relevant to your field of expertise will also help you build up a domain authority. Acquiring back links form various quality domains online contribute largely to building up the quality of your blog and sites.

Article submissions enhance your content creation efforts. While creating a good quality blog, you could also instruct your SEO service provider to generate quality rich articles with specific information and clever usage of the right keywords. Now submitting articles to the everyday article directories such as is not the solution to article submission. These are random directories covering every article under the sun. Your time and effort then gets lost in such a vast variety. You need to locate article directories and websites relevant to your product and the nature of your company.

There is no doubt that blogs and guest posts are much better than articles, but that should not undermine the benefits of a good quality article. With relevant information and the right amount of promotional content, articles will also help you in your efforts. You should not be discouraged if a product doesn’t have the potential to generate creative content. Engaging the right kind of expert will ensure creativity from even the most mundane of products.

Relevant Link Sponsorships

Back links however should be relevant. Getting a site that has no relevance to your products to sponsor your back links will definitely attract Google’s algorithms to notice a set pattern of unreliability. Links sponsorships can be worked out in a strategic and reliable manner without the need to resort to unnecessary techniques. It would serve no purpose blindly providing discounts and sponsoring various grants on almost every student page because this will invariably result in Google regarding it as manipulation. It would be beneficial to feature on edu pages with some form of relevancy to your product. For example, if you are a company manufacturing robotic or technology hardware then featuring on the page of the college science and technology departments would make more sense.

Research Your Competition

The main purpose of internet marketing requires increasing visibility and generating awareness about your brands. The only possible way to manage this is not blatant promotions but creating unique techniques with content that will help you keep abreast of competition. To achieve this, you need to research the activity of your competitors. Watch their sites, go through their blogs and locate the possible sources where they are acquiring their back links from. There is a high possibility that the competition is ranking above you due to quality of links that you don’t have. Use tools like the majestic SEO or open site explorer to determine the location of their links. This is a great cost-effective time saver; however, it is imperative to note that not all links of your competitors need to be followed. Even if you observe your competition using a huge number of spam related links then avoid these. Focusing on quality content with safe and clean tactics will ultimately result in you ranking above competition.

Encourage Product Reviews on Various Blogs and Community Forums

Google does not really encourage the idea of product reviews. Such techniques for brand building have the potential to resort to spam. But as long as your reviews remain specific and fair, it would be a good idea to utilize such a medium. The benefit of a product review is that it showcases you within an existing audience to prove your reliability. This helps in securing valuable links. Getting product reviews done by genuine bloggers with the right content will benefit any campaign to a considerable extent. One point to remember when using such methods is that the review and the content needs to be unique. You need to provide solutions and reasons why your product stands apart from others.

E-commerce activity is growing by the minute. There are a variety of SEO techniques that focus on e-commerce involving brand building and marketing. However every expert has the choice to utilize various solutions that promote link building activity that benefits a site. What you need to realize is the kind of choice matters. Using methods that generate a huge number of links may only advocate short term gains, whereas hard work and effort in promoting healthy quality based activity will promote richer links beneficial to long term gains.