SEO Tips That Small Businesses Can Implement In-house

Small BusinessesSmall businesses need search engine optimization as much as any other firm. Professional SEO can be quite expensive to startup businesses; the good news is that there are alternatives available for them too. Even as a small business owner, using SEO becomes a vital aspect to grow the business. Below are some of the strategies small firms can implement in-house and improve targeted visitor traffic.

  • Google – Google has what is called “Google My Business“. This is a way in which by providing details about your business you can ensure that it shows up on search. Ensure that you create a Google My Business profile, and fill in all the required details. You have to choose the most apt categories for your business listing. Make sure also that your complete business address, working hours, location, business description and good photos are included to lend trustworthiness to your profile.
  • An important strategy is to become an accredited member of organizations such as Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce. Membership in such organizations will provide a good way to earn good quality links. In addition, it gives more credibility to your venture. Small businesses can obtain links from local organizations and gain more local exposure.
  • Customer reviews are important for any business. Try to encourage your customers to write reviews about your products and services by telling them how valuable their review is to your business. Provide them with links to popular review sites such as Yelp and Google My Business. Make sure that you are not compelling the visitors.
  • You need to create a listing for your business in a reliable business directory. There are directories that allow you to create a listing for free and you can include your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) data in it. It is vital that your NAP data remains the same across all business directories you have a listing in. Yelp, and foursquare are all excellent listings you should find a place in.
  • Publishing consistent content is another important strategy you need to adopt to ensure that you maintain a good volume of visitor traffic. The content should be well researched and accurate, this helps captivate the readers. As a business owner you may not be a good writer/ a blogger and then the practical thing to do is to hire a freelance SEO or blogger. You could also consider encouraging your employees and customers to blog on the website.

Now here are some more SEO tips.

  • The top 3 slots on the Google search engine are what get a business the traffic. Getting to the first page may seem enough; however, chances of being among the first 10 listings and getting clicks would be limited. This is why any website needs to be among the top 3.
  • Use text links that will help the spiders to find your website or the content. Spiders are trained to find textual links so this is very important.
  • Well-written content is what will get repeated hits to the website.
  • Quality backlinks are as essential as the content. These links would need to be of related topic as your website. If the backlinks are unrelated it would not help.
  • PageRank is not everything. PageRank was initially an SEO tool but things have moved away from those days.
  • Ensure that contents have different title tags than the name of the company. Name of the company would not get good hits, the keywords are what will help.
  • Add colorful content on the website. This will help keeping the regular readers coming in.
  • Ensure that the keywords are kept 3-4 times in the article.
  • Make sure at all parts of the sites link to the domain name that is registered.
  • Submit form to Google to get the website spidered. It may take a long time but it is effective.
  • Regular updating of blogs is important for the spiders’ continued interest in any website.
  • Never use excessive keywords. The usage of keywords when not necessary would not help in any manner.
  • Ensure that the webhost that you are using is not a spammer website. This may lead to the website never getting recognized on searches.
  • Linking is like social networking. One website links the other and vice versa. This is very helpful.
  • Keep abreast of the changes in the SEO world. This will help keep the website updated.
  • Use social networking effectively.

If you are looking for professional help but can’t invest a lot of money on SEO, there are many smaller organizations that can help. Choose wisely and you can surely benefit from reliable, affordable SEO services.