Social Media Trends in 2014: What Should You Be Aware of

By now, almost all online entrepreneurs have realized the importance of social networking platforms when it comes to gaining a firm footing in the market and achieving the business goals. In a recently conducted poll by Adobe, 13% of U.S marketers selected social media marketing as their top strategy, the tactic most important for their business in the next 3 years.

Social Media Trends in 2014As many new and fresh social media websites are emerging day by day, it has become exceptionally hard to identify the best one to depend on. There are specific challenges involved in social media optimization efforts. These include dealing with social media and content generated by users, generating sufficient content to meet challenging content requirements, and finding and allocating human as well as financial resources. You also need to consider the ROI of your social media initiatives.

2013 has seen a spectacular hype in the usage of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) strategies by most brands. Many advanced social media trends are also expected to bloom in the forthcoming year 2014, similar to the ones mentioned in a recent article.

Social Media Prospects for 2014

  • Social media investment – Is it a smart deal?

Yes, social media marketing will be a definite option to stay in business in future. Companies – no matter whether corporates or owned by individual entities – need to build social media presence to get measurable benefits. Positive results are guaranteed in terms of visibility of website, revenue and lead generation, and conversion rate. This means that organizations will prefer to have experienced social media strategists and optimizers handling their social media optimization tasks.

  • Image centric social websites – Benefits you can’t deny

While text-based content is significant, the more popular trend has been image and video sharing. The message is that image and video-based content will become an indispensable part of any successful content marketing strategy.

Image centric social websites such as Path, Tumblr, Slideshare and Mobli will grow and become the core platforms to reach targeted customers.

  • Expect a boom in Google+

Google+ will soon prove to be a highly effective platform for personal and business use. Google intends to make the Google Plus platform a major player as regards search engine optimization, social signals and personalized search. In this connection it is important to remember that Google Authorship will be a very important part of the search engine’s algorithm by the end of 2014.

  • Growing dominance of Micro Videos

Gone are the days of 3-minute long videos with the rising popularity of micro videos. Video apps available include Twitter’s Vine and Instagram’s video sharing feature. These apps have remarkably transformed the real time video sharing and mobile experience. As the demand for such micro video apps are on rise, it has become vital to look ahead to know the future trends.

  • Demand for websites with location based features

Top social media marketing websites such as Facebook and Twitter now incorporate location based features to provide added benefits to users. This probably reduces the popularity of websites that exclusively deal with features such as Foursquare.

  • LinkedIn will witness more growth

LinkedIn is all set to be a reliable resource for B2B business growth. Unlike other social networking sites, it opens up immense opportunities for content creation. It has around 238 million users and continues to be immensely popular with professionals.

  • Customized social network sites will gain more followers

Social network services that are intended for a unique class of visitors are predicted to receive an exponential number of followers in the future. As a typical example, MySpace – a platform for music lovers will have a significant influence on teens and adults alike in 2014.

As 2013 moves to an end, it is important to understand the possible market trends for 2014. All businesses need to give ample thought to social media prospects for 2014 and develop the right social media marketing strategies. This will help enhance business image and achieve a competitive edge.