Ten Tips to Acquire SEO Clients

Ten Tips Acquire SEO ClientsNo matter how good your search engine optimization skills are, they would be of no use if they do not get you SEO customers. So, in addition to fine tuning your skills, you should develop tactics that can acquire SEO clients. However, this does not mean acquiring as many clients you can. If you don’t have enough workers or hire right people, you will not be able to manage the clients you acquire and your strategy will end up a disaster. Think twice if you really want to expand your SEO business and ensure that you can handle the new clients. Here are some effective tips for those who have made up their mind to grow their business.

Make an Effort to Get Referrals and Recommendations

The first, very simple tactic to find new clients is through referrals and recommendations. You can ask your friends and acquaintances to help with this. However, the best referrals are your existing clients who are satisfied with your services or simply, your ‘happy customers’. Openly ask them to write testimonials or recommendations and put them on your website.

Check Advertisements in Job/Gig Boards

Job/gig boards like Craigslist can provide you with a great opportunity to find new clients. You can either place advertisements about your services there or check the advertisements placed by those looking for SEO services and respond to them. Besides the job/gig boards, you can look for ads in the most popular SEO forums (for example, WarriorForum).

Develop a High Quality Website

Whichever channel you use to find new clients, they will look at your website before hiring you. So it is very important to develop a top-quality website that can impress visitors. Do proper SEO for your site so that it has good rankings. Partnering with a professional website design company is a good idea. The company can send you clients directly and you can reciprocate by recommending the company to your clients who need web design/coding services.

List Your Services and Rates

List all the services that you offer on your site with descriptions and the rates. Potential clients would be able to see a concrete offer from this information instead of a standard one. If your rates are competitive, this would encourage them to contact you.

Offer Subscriptions and Discounts

Some clients may want to hire your services for a certain period of time and then renew the contract later if needed. Offering them subscriptions would be a good idea. This would also work to your advantage since you can ask for extra payment if you work for more hours than specified in the subscription offer. Giving discounts on your services will impress your clients.

Provide Gated Content through Your Website

Visitors can access gated content only after providing their contact details. Create valuable content such as white papers, case studies, webinars, and e-Books on topics related to your services and allow people access to them through your website. Those who show interest in these topics might be in need of your services. Once those people fill out their contact information and download the content, you can contact them later to advertise your services.

Enhance Your Online Reputation

It is very important to build a good reputation online to attract customers. You should convince them that you are loyal to them. Free publicity is a good tactic to build your reputation. Join a site like ‘Help a Reporter’ and share your expertise. You can connect with media persons who may be looking for your expertise.

Write Guest Posts and Comments on Highly Ranked Sites

Look out for popular SEO sites. Contact their webmasters and ask if you could write guest posts for them. You could also comment on the articles or blogs on these sites. If effective, this strategy can enhance web presence substantially, which will build help build your reputation and attract customers.

Be Active on Social Media

Social networks are a powerful platform to connect with potential and existing clients and build your reputation. Though Facebook and Twitter provide several facilities (chats, tweets, status) to keep in contact with your clients, the best social networking site for business is LinkedIn. The site has a feature that helps you get recommendations and referrals from your network of friends and clients. Its InMail feature will help you connect with the right people at the right time. InMails can help you to get a response within 7 days. If not, the site will give the opportunity to send another InMail.

Follow Up with Past Clients

Contact past clients who were satisfied with your services and remind them about your services, which will bring you new clients. However, be careful in this approach. Don’t mass mail them or send multiple emails as this would look like spam.

Your job does not end at just acquiring the clients. Make a serious effort to retain them so that you can reap long-term benefits.