Things to Remember When Outsourcing Content Writing

Outsourcing Content WritingOutsourcing is successful when it is cost-effective and when it delivers and strengthens your capabilities. This is particularly relevant when you’re outsourcing content writing. Content is still arguably the lynchpin of SEO, so you’re putting a lot at stake when you outsource content creation. You need to be sure you’re getting services that help will build your online presence.

Knowing What Content Writing to Outsource

To begin with, and this is the most important part, you need to figure out what kind of content you need. This depends on why you need content:

  • For advertising, or
  • Quality content in the form of blogs and articles, newsletters, etc

These are different and require varied skill sets, though they sometimes overlap. Promotional, advertising content requires the work of a copywriter while relevant, user-friendly and quality content is churned out by content writers. Not knowing the difference between the two could spell big trouble – so understand your precise needs and make them clear to the outsourcing provider.

Realizing Your Expectations and Analyzing Results

You need to analyze what your expected outcomes and the needs of your customers are, ensure that your outsourcing objectives are aligned with your business goals, determine the kind of content and even the topic of the content, and then analyze the work delivered by your outsourcing provider based on results in terms of your SEO performance. Get all the analytics checked:

  • Analyze search rankings for your website and the traffic heading to it
  • Break down your site traffic to know the number of visitors from the search page, those coming from your blogs or articles, and those attracted via social media networks
  • Check website visitor behavior by tracking movement through the pages, bounce rate, and conversion rate

When you’re armed with this data, you will know for sure if your content outsourcing partner is delivering the goods.

Insisting on Content Relevance and Quality

Consistently relevant content is important for SEO. Rather than keywords, content writers should be focusing on producing relevant content. Google rewards content quality and user-friendliness above everything else. A useful article or blog post also increases its potential of being shared in social networks, which obviously means you have a greater chance of earning backlinks.

Specifying Tone and Voice Consistency

You must also instruct your content writing outsourcing provider about the tone and voice of the content, which must be consistent throughout. Give as many instructions as possible since content writers would be building on the information you provide. You can get into the details too, such as whether content should be formal, casual or of news reporting style, which works more for press releases. Such instructions would give content writers a clear picture of what is expected of them, and they would be able to deliver the results you are looking for.

Before you Begin Outsourcing

Once you’ve decided to outsource your content development tasks, here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Before hiring an outsourcing provider it is important to check samples of their work. If you’re hiring freelance writers rather than firms, you must try out many writers as possible so you can get familiar with their skill levels, style and expertise so that you can choose the right one.
  • Long-term relationships can be quite beneficial. If writer or an organization is providing you with quality content, it would be wise to further the relationship, which means you wouldn’t have to keep hunting for content providers when the need arises.
  • You need to ensure there is a responsible individual handling your content outsourcing, so that it blends with your workflow – content you receive must be reviewed and posted efficiently if you need to truly benefit from it.

Balancing Budget and Quality

Finally, but probably the most important of all, you need to set a budget. However, though cost-effectiveness is the key when it comes to outsourcing, content and budget need to be balanced. Compromising on quality would be detrimental to the whole purpose of outsourcing.

The right outsourcing relationships can prove highly beneficial to the growth of your business. They can streamline your efforts, save costs and stimulate growth. Outsourcing content writing needs to done carefully since the content you generate defines your SEO performance and online presence – two things that directly influence your business. This is probably one of the most important tasks you could outsource, so make sure that you get it right.