Three Modern SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization is integral to successful internet marketing. What most people do not know is that there is more to SEO than just creating websites with keyword relevant content. A business website showcasing a wide variety of products will not build up your presence as a brand online. It takes much more than that. SEO is a comprehensive package providing the support structure that backs up your online activity and helps its progression on the net.

SEO Techniques

The Basics of Website Optimization

Basically, website optimization involves utilizing various techniques to build up your presence on the internet. Thereafter, it engages in activities that will help generate user traffic towards that presence. Once these two steps are established, various means and resources are tapped to maintain that visibility and bring maximum conversions.

Those are the basics of SEO in a nutshell. But it doesn’t end there. New techniques are being introduced in keeping with changing search engine algorithms that are introduced with a view to improve users’ search experiences on the internet.

Three new strategies that are gaining attention are

  • Semantic SEO
  • Holistic SEO
  • Barnacle SEO

The Fundamentals of Semantic SEO

Consider the fact that you have searched for content related to Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’. You typed Emma in Google but the search results display not only Emma but various other works of Jane Austen as well. This is what is meant by a semantic search. Google has provided you results relevant to your query without the specific query provided. These are quality based search results that provide related data to users.

Instead of an automatic generation of results specific only to the query, Google is endeavoring to appear more humane in its approach to understand the logics of human intent and thus recalibrating its search software to provide better results.

What most net users do not know is that Google has redefined its own algorithm based search software. The Panda and Penguin have given way to the more precise Hummingbird launched in a low key affair in August 2013. With the Hummingbird, Google can now understand the full concept of a search in relation to a single query of intent. This explains how you get related works of Austen by just typing Emma when your intent was to see more of Austen.

Semantic Based Searches Relate More to Key Phrases

Search engines are bound to follow in Google’s footsteps concentrating on the semantics of a search. This means a positive shift from keyword based strategy in sharp contrast to the Panda or Penguin that focused more on recognizing quality keywords and links binding them. New strategies for website optimization too will now need to follow suit focusing on complete key phrases that pre-empt a user’s intentions in a given search, rather than on keywords and link buildups.

Semantic SEO will now be required to initiate techniques such as a latent indexing of keywords that incorporate related information within the keyword related content. In order to optimize the website for search engines like Google, this will have to be the new practice so that the Hummingbird algorithm recognizes the quality of a website consistent with its new values.

Understanding Barnacle SEO

The internet is a vast expanse of information and activity. For smaller businesses to survive despite having a good websites, they need to ride piggyback on larger sites exactly like a barnacle attaches itself to a whale in the ocean.

It makes sense when you as a small business are unable to compete with the big daddies and their sophisticated SEO services. But that doesn’t mean you lose out due to the presence of bigger business corporation hogging the limelight and entering top rankings. So the next best thing is to feature along with them. Join them if you can’t beat them.

Being featured on common review communities: There are various common platforms on the internet such as Google+ and Yelp. These are websites that provide a great venue to generate awareness and initiate your brand building efforts. Such sites are renowned for their degree of perfection and whose consistent activity will always see them in the topmost listing in any search engine.

Being featured on platforms like Yelp: Building up on activity within communities such as Yelp and responding to reviews, being featured in its listing as a service product of your specific field, and engaging in productive activity that is generated by your content are sure to produce results. It provides you a level playing field where you can be noticed by users.

Blog contributions and advertisements on larger websites: Blogging is now a popular strategy that produces huge results for building up awareness of the benefits of a brand.

With informative content related to situations and solutions influenced by a product, businessmen can establish a better demand for their products. You could always feature as a guest by putting up a guest post on the blog. You could utilize the comments section of blogs or advertise on high profile websites. With such secondary activity you can gain increased round-the-clock visibility.

Defining Holistic SEO

The word holistic in itself means complete. Thus holistic SEO can be defined as the complete package rather than just concentrating on a few elements of search engine optimization. It is an intelligent strategy that bases its techniques on all of the factors that influence and make up the term ‘SEO’. Just as you have holistic healing in any form of therapy that utilizes a combination of various medical and therapeutic practices, holistic SEO in essence is the same.

Looking closely at the previous techniques discussed, holistic SEO perhaps sums up the conclusion as a combination of these three efforts. Google wants internet marketing to be a more comprehensive experience. With proper implementation and management of effective internet promotional activities, every website has the potential to harness all the resources of the net and produce quality results.

Holistic SEO is Impacted By Social Media

Holistic SEO recognizes the potential offered by social media in online marketing. Social media and digital marketing build upon the efforts of conventional SEO methods thus cementing the brand’s presence in an ever-changing market.

When optimizing your content, focus must primarily be on users and their search methodology.

Holistic SEO is set to play a wider role in the scenario of the World Wide Web. It is the ultimate technique that utilizes every good aspect of SEO and merges them in one combined effort.