Tips for Creating an Effective Meta Description

Meta DescriptionOrganic SEO services focus on effectively promoting your website on the World Wide Web in a cost-effective manner. Each web page on your website has unique content that need to be made visible in search results. The content of each web page can be summarized in a concise manner in the Meta description. They appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) and display the preview for a given page. Ideally every page on your website should have a Meta description. The title tag and meta description tag are a crucial part of SEO (search engine optimization). The description for each page should be distinctive to that page.

It is important to create the right Meta description because while targeting search traffic for sites, it is this description that attracts potential customers, along with the Meta title in the form of a search snippet. The purpose of Meta description is to seek the attention of the visitors and persuade them to click through to your site.

Features of a Good Meta Description

  • Meta description can be of any length, but generally search engines reduce the length of description if it exceeds 160 characters. So it is better to maintain it between 130- 155 characters.
  • Action-oriented language is ideal for a good Meta description as it tells the visitors what exactly they can do if they click the link. It is better to keep the description simple and genuine.
  • Starting the description with words such as “Learn,” “Discover” or “Grab” enables the visitors to understand what they will get if they go through the website.
  • Meta description should contain well-structured content. It should have the best information to display for a given search and should be well crafted in order to persuade people to click.
  • It is very important that the Meta description matches the content in the website. Meta descriptions that trick the customers to click are penalized by Google and this is not advisable.
  • Make the description specific and relevant. If the search keywords match the Meta description, then it helps the site owners to connect well with the target audience.
  • A well-written description can strongly influence the amount of traffic that can be received from a specific search result.
  • Adding the date to the snippet preview is advisable. It enables the visitors to get recent updates.

In summary, an effective Meta description will

  • Have the right length of content
  • Will be written in active voice
  • Include a call- to- action
  • Have a well-structured description
  • Include targeted keywords

What Not to Do with a Meta Description

It is important to note that Meta description shouldn’t be stuffed with keywords. It should focus on providing a clear and concise copy of the web page content. So it is better to avoid overuse of words. Google cuts off descriptions that have quotes and non-alphanumeric characters in it. To prevent being cut off, it is better to use appropriate content in the description.

Successful Internet Marketing with a Reliable Outsourcing Firm

Meta description is a chance to win prospects. If you want to change all the Meta descriptions in your website pages, consider utilizing organic SEO services from a reliable SEO company. This will save you a considerable amount of time and expenses. It is important to ensure a good Meta description for your home page and all popular pages that comprise the critical URLs.