Tips to Optimize Paid Search ROI with Calls

Optimize Paid Search ROIOnce you have carefully designed, developed and optimized your online presence, you have created a SEO website. The next goal is to use it and generate revenue and increase sales. Are you making the best use of data available to you? Are you working with complete data? You cannot choose to ignore offline conversions like phone calls that is required to optimize paid search campaigns, measure your ROI accurately and prove your search budget. However, many marketers do ignore this type of data.

In today’s world many customers make their purchase decisions through phone calls. Buyers often speak to sales representatives before making any purchase. It will help the sales representative to identify customers who have considered making a purchase and customers who are near buying decision. This means that voice conversations are the key to conversions, as calls convert at a higher rate than clicks do.

The following steps will help search marketers to pinpoint and optimize all conversion points to convert prospects into customers that drive opportunities and deals.

Collect data to follow your customer’s path to purchase

Gathering information through offline conversation is a major element in understanding your customer’s path to purchase. You need to set up a system that can track inbound calls. It is important to track calls that are driven by paid search and display ads, and also from both call extensions. Don’t forget to track calls from your landing pages. Studies show that 70 percent of calls prompted by by paid search come from landing pages and not the ads themselves. This data can be used to understand which inbound calls are driving revenue.

Ignore false positives and capitalize on quality calls

Potential customers get in touch with business organisations through phone calls. From the call duration we can identify whether the buyer is interested in buying the product or not, so understand how long your inbound phone calls last and use call intelligence to identify which marketing channel drives specific leads. Data shows that:

  • Calls driven by search last for 3 minutes and 58 seconds on average
  • Calls driven by mobile search last for less than 3 minutes and 59 seconds

This is because buyers need quick assistance and look for local information. So, ignore irrelevant calls. Consider only those calls which meet your qualification requirements, as for instance calls that contain key terms that signify sales and not customer support conversations, and those that are longer than a particular duration.

Adjust your strategy

After linking both online and offline conversions with ROI, adjust your CPA target bid strategy to account for phone calls. Remove poorly performing campaigns and make necessary changes to your ads, marketing spend and keywords to drive more calls. Make it easy for buyers to connect to you and also provide click to call buttons for mobile searchers. Display your phone number on your website, landing pages, ads, emails, event collateral and so on. Test your ad copy and landing pages including call to action to encourage people to call.

Give a personal touch to your lead generation campaign

You can turn phone calls into sales once you gain better visibility into the keywords and offers that drive the calls. Sales reps should engage in more personalized conversations. Your marketing team can send leads into the most relevant nurture track and enjoy a more personalized experience. This increases the chance of leads engaging with follow-on content and in turn enhancing the opportunities you create.

Sync with paid search and attribute inbound calls leads to your marketing analytics

To get a full idea of search performance and your customer’s journey to purchase, integrate the call data obtained with marketing and sales systems. With this you can relate revenue to calls and their source campaigns and keywords and thereby optimize your paid search marketing.

Integrate calls with your marketing and sales system. Get credit for leads driven by paid search to accurately optimize for calls. Make use of CRM and marketing automation tools to connect opportunity and ROI to paid search spend and sync this data with Google Analytics.

Phone calls play a significant role in paid search and in the present day world many people use mobile phone search which shows that there is no sign of slowing down in this trend. A reliable web design and marketing service can help you set up an effective online marketing campaign, ensuring more leads and conversions.