Top 7 Online Marketing Mistakes to Watch Out For

Online marketing or Internet marketing is a great strategy for businesses of all sizes. A recent study by Gartner reports that consumers use social media and mobile research to carry out preliminary product and price analysis before making purchase decisions. Many marketers fail to effectively utilize online marketing techniques. Learning the latest trends in industry and the right way to market can definitely avoid costly marketing mistakes. Here are the top 7 mistakes to watch out for in online marketing:Top 7 Online Marketing Mistakes

1. Lack of proper keyword research

The use of the right keywords is crucial for successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Detailed research is necessary to dig out the right keyword for successful online marketing. Mistakes when it comes to conducting keyword research are:

  • Assuming that you know the terms visitors use when searching
  • Targeting short-tail terms that are difficult to rank
  • Inadequate research on competitors

Consider the following instance of the inappropriate use of keyword. A website that supplies books for free wants to optimize the site in terms of free books. In order to make the website sound special, the website owner uses the term, ‘free literature’ on the site. At the same time, they use the term ‘free book’ a lot in the page titles and in the page copy with lines like “get a free book” and “order a free book right now”. What would happen is the website will be primarily optimized for the term ‘free literature’ instead of ‘free book’, failing to attract targeted traffic. Even the slight difference between “free book” and “free books” makes a big difference in SEO, with “free books” having almost 10 times the search volume.

2. Lack of Product Description

A common error that online gift stores and online clothing shops make is the lack of product description. Lack of a complete description of a product may prevent the page from being listed in top 10 search results. Write your product description with unique content, which will contribute to your SEO efforts. You should focus the following aspects while performing content marketing.

  • Content should help customers make purchase decisions
  • Don’t try to copy content from other websites
  • Too much content may hurt purchase conversion

3. Not Being Fully Committed to Social Media

Marketing perspectives as well as the mode of advertising have changed greatly with the introduction of social media marketing. However, many businesses lack the commitment to make social media to work for them. In addition to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, and Pinterest are great platforms to build web traffic and brand awareness. Regular update of contents as well as continuous interaction is necessary to keep your site fresh and live.

4. Lack of Product Reviews

About 70% of buyers look at product reviews on online stores or forums before making a purchase. Obviously, if a site has no such reviews, it would be missing out on reaching its target audience. Moreover, it is easier for review pages to attain top page ranking than selling pages. Also, product reviews can keep the site live with fresh, new content.

5. Failure to Track Online Marketing Effectiveness

Tracking and measuring the performance of online marketing is necessary to identify the returns on marketing investments and understand whether or not the objectives are achieved. Free tools like Google Analytics can help in identifying the changes in traffic to website, time spent on the site, how traffic came to the site, and more. Some other aspects that can estimate online marketing effectiveness are:

  • Email opening rate
  • Click-through rate: the proportion of the audience that opened the email clicked a link or button within the email to take advantage of the offer
  • Form conversion rate: the percentage of audience that clicked through actually finished the process by completing a form
  • The number of social signals generated from social media outlets

6. Expecting a Blog to Generate Heavy Traffic and Awareness

Blog submission, a technique for off-page SEO, is expected to generate great product awareness and heavy traffic. However, to achieve the purpose, blogs should address your identity, your target audiences, and should effectively communicate these things in specific ways. Sharing your thoughts would set you apart from your competitors. A well written blog can attract visitors from search engines and can redirect them to your business website ─ increasing business footprint, reach and awareness.

7. Getting Plenty of Traffic, But No Customers

The ultimate aim of online marketing is sales. Attracting customers to the website do not ensure conversion at all times. For this, it is necessary to create a path to conversion for visitors, which is often missed in online marketing. Make sure that each page is optimized for getting visitors more deeply involved with your content or your business, by embedding relevant calls to action. It is not wise to leave visitors hanging after a post, article or page – make it clear what you want them to do next.

The success of online marketing is closely associated with SEO. It can help in creating online brand presence and increased website visibility. However, implementing these techniques in-house can be time consuming and ineffective if not professionally done. That’s why partnering with an experienced SEO company that can provide you with customized Internet marketing solutions would be the right decision.