Twitter Marketing in 2014 and Beyond

If you own a business, the major thing that you must focus upon is its marketing or advertising. This is vital from the point of view of expanding the business and also ensuring your visibility in the market. Twitter is a social media platform that businesses can make full use of. Utilizing an ideal Twitter marketing strategy will prove to be very valuable for any business. Moreover, a social media platform such as Twitter allows you to connect with your customers in real time, which is something unique. What are the marketing techniques you can use on Twitter? Let us examine some of the best options.

Twitter Marketing

Market to the right group: There are around 230 million Twitter users around the world from which you have to target the right audience. You can follow certain kinds of organizations or people, and also have as your followers organizations/people that are of some value to your business. With Twitter, you can group people on the basis of similar interests, characteristics, functions or interests and these groups can be set to be public or private. The groups help you monitor your competitors and also show off your brand advocates, the former preferably on a private list and the latter on a public list. Groups also help attract more people to your social profile and you can very well become an authority in your niche by tweeting reliable and worthwhile information.

Engage with your followers: Sending out information alone will not be the right strategy. You need to make sure that you listen to your target group. Start a conversation by asking a question, encouraging your followers to respond, and then make sure to reply voicing your opinion and thus keep the conversation live. This will bring a personal touch to your engagement and help build trust in your brand. Ensure that your Twitter campaign is positive so that people will be happy to engage with you and listen to you.

Employ promotional tactics: You can announce an event, launch your product, and give good deals and discounts on Twitter. You can successfully drive sales and increase brand awareness via this versatile social media platform.

Tweet often to maintain your visibility: To keep your account in your followers’ feeds, you need to tweet often. This is to encourage them to retweet your posts or to find out what your offers are.

Use SEO analytics: You must ensure that you are using targeted keywords for your tweets. This will get you more readers and followers. You need to look at all analytics from your website such as visitor traffic, popular keywords that bring targeted visitors to your site, referral sites and so on. This information will help you modify your Twitter marketing campaign accordingly.

Find out what impact your tweets have: Use the analytics feature of Twitter to find out how your tweets are affecting your target group. To use the analytics feature you have to sign up for Twitter Ads.

Social media venues such as Twitter are important to businesses and make marketing more effective and easier. You need to put some thought into developing an ideal marketing strategy that will ensure more visitors to your website and more conversions.