Using Trending Topics Effectively for Twitter Marketing

By monitoring the latest trends, businesses can stay relevant and improve customer relationships. While tracking consumer trends was once expensive, businesses now have access to a multitude of freely available online resources that help them monitor the latest trends on a daily and even hourly basis. Yes, this is what social media offers. This platform offers a myriad of options to track consumer interests. Twitter’s trending topics are among the most effective of these resources. The Twitter hashtag and trending topics provide instants results about what’s being discussed the most in this social media network. Here are some tips on making effective use of trending topics for your Twitter marketing.

Check Out what’s going on

When you want to buy a dress or jewelry online, you most likely wouldn’t opt for the first thing you see. Instead, you would browse through various options and pick up the item that best meets your needs and expectations. The same approach is needed when it comes to using Twitter trends for your business. You should closely study the current trends and contemplate on how you can speak about a subject without advertising your business overtly. This does not mean following a trend that is not related to your business or only remotely related to it. Look at the trending topics of the day and the news that has come through overnight and identify any conversations that your brand can actually participate in. For example, if your business involves developing health care apps, you can participate in the conversations on tips to improve health. However, keep in mind that your participation may inadvertently indicate a support for something that you did not intend to support.

Know How to Respond

If you have already found a trending conversation, knowing how to join in it and keep up with it is important. A simple remark, say ‘good post’ is not enough to capture the interest. Instead, your reply should be genuine, interesting and relevant. You also need respond quickly as the trending conversations move fast.

Capture Tweeter Information

When you respond to a trending conversation, you are bound to capture the interest of one or more fellow tweeters. Note the account information of these tweeters and save the collection in a separate file so that you can build a database of new prospects by the time that trend ends. You can then implement effective social media marketing techniques to convert them into clients. However, solicit only tweeters with whom you have established a good rapport. Otherwise, it would be considered spamming and you may lose your account if people complain.

Advertise Appropriately

If you need to go into unrelated topics, never advertise yourself in the conversation. Put in your remarks only if you are absolutely sure that your presence is relevant. Normally, Twitter users do not like to see advertisements everywhere they click. So, advertise only when it is appropriate.

Proper Use of Hashtags

You can use hashtags to join a trending conversation. They are also a powerful tool to promote your business or brand. However, if you are using a hashtag and your post is not related to the nature of the hashtag, it would be spamming. So, take care to use hashtags properly while joining a conversation. Here are some tips

  • Type your keyword in Twitter Search or Tagboard and see whether the results relate to what you intend to convey. If it does not or is too broad, try another keyword for the hashtag. You can test hashtags using ‘Hshtags’, a social media search engine for hashtags
  • Don’t use spaces or punctuation if there are multiple words within your hashtag
  • Try to use capital letters to make your hashtag more readable
  • Hashtags

  • Use two or three hashtags per post. Overusing hashtags is distracting
  • If you are attending a conference, workshop or industry gathering, use the official tag of that event (if the event relate to the topic) while participating in the conversation (for example, #SXSW)

Avoid Sensitive Topics

It is better to avoid participating in conversations that are sensitive (for example, talks about tragic accidents, natural disasters, and so on). These are serious conversations and you may end up causing offense if you tweet about your business. The Huffington Post reported an AT&T post to promote their cellphone in September 2013 featuring a 9/11 image, which created a lot chaos. The company later withdrew it and tweeted an apologized to everyone concerned. Don’t sound ignorant, insensitive, rude or offensive in your post as people always expect professional and courteous behavior from a company.

Use Third Party Add-On

You can simplify the Twitter interface by using some kind of third party utility add-ons. Rather than the browser, utility software is more convenient as it provides several utilities to simplify tweets in an impressive manner. HootSuite, SproutSocial, and TweetAdder are among the most popular programs.

Consult Third Party Websites

Try consulting third party websites that focus on trending topics to monitor, store and organize Twitter’s trends. They will remove all the useless items so that you can quickly see what people are buzzing about. Some sites also store them for retrieval later. Though you can’t interact with them, you can keep a spreadsheet of those websites to run them and get good opinions with pertinent demographics and all. Trendsmap, for instance, will alert you of all top trending hashtags that are currently on Twitter for any location in the world.


Encourage Re-tweeting

You can get immediate results by re-tweeting particularly to tweeters with large number of followers. Since fellow tweeters with a large follower base have a lot of influence, you can make your messages go viral by asking them for a re-tweet. The one percent rule says if at least one percent of audience tends to respond to a message, that re-tweet will reach thousands of people within a second.