Website Design: Go Mobile

Internet marketing focuses on bringing maximum targeted visitors to your business website. A good website design would mean planning, creating and updating a website. This process could also involve creating the architecture, the layout, deciding on colours, background, font, user interface, the navigation of the website and other elements. Mobile website design signifies a website that is designed for easy viewing on mobile devices. Earlier a website was designed primarily for computers, both desktops and laptops. Today with the introduction of tablets, smart mobile phones, iPod, and e-Book readers, design for mobile viewing has become significant.

It is important to know the type of device on which people are viewing your mobile website, both with regard to mobile web design and mobile website strategy. This can be done through analytics or research. You also need to know how your target audience use their mobile phone and whether they have a reliable internet connection. Your mobile website should be one that works on as many devices as possible.

There are quite a few marketing agencies, graphic designers and advertising agencies that offer website design services.

These services could be anything right from creating the entire look of the site to its color combination to designing banners and special backgrounds depending on what the client requires and feels necessary to make the website stand out among the thousands already available online. Advertising agencies that offer design services for ads and marketing purposes also provide web design services. There are freelance graphic designers who can help you design your website at much cheaper rates than an agency would charge. Some providers give you the option of creating your own website with readymade templates that you can select from at the click of a button. There are websites that even teach how to use different tools to create a website optimized for mobile devices.

Some of the tools that you can use to create a unique optimized design are:

MobDis: It is a tool that allows you to design a mobile website using the site builder available. You can build a site easily and use it as a marketing tool for your brand. Instead of using a design that would be ideal for a computer based web page, this builder allows you to start from scratch. The instructions given are easy to understand. A website doesn’t need to be shrunk down to the mobile size; the templates are made for convenient mobile viewing. It motivates you to build from scratch, allowing you to think about optimized content, its functionality, and conversions for audiences using the mobile. After you are done creating the site, MobDis provides you options for display also. Host the site on your own domain or on a sub-domain on their website. You can even move the site to your own hosting server.


Duda Mobile: This tool provides you with two simple options of creating a mobile website design. It has the option of scanning your site and downloading images, other information and even content to form a template, which can be edited and customized to fit your goals. After the tool converts the downloaded content from your website, use the drag-and-drop editor and remove those site elements that you feel are not needed and change the position of page elements to optimize your mobile visitors’ overall experience. If you want to start afresh and build from scratch then you can decide on one of the templates provided on Duda Mobile and start editing or designing from there. This tool has advanced edit features that allows you to configure not only the templates, the elements, it even allows you to edit the settings for navigation, the coding of HTML, CSS and others. You don’t need to be tech savvy to use this. Even a tech illiterate would be able to create an amazing site using the drag and drop tool available.

Duda Mobile

Go Mobi: goMobi provides a selection of nearly 40 website templates to choose from – each one of them can be customized completely. Design your own menu, build different types of forms, upload new videos and optimize them, add and display customer reviews, everything at the click of a button. Not only that; goMobi supports online e-commerce sites that allow your visitors to buy from the mobile site unlike its competitors. The features available at goMobi are quite advanced and offer more than click to call and other mapping functions. A simple click allows you to demand a callback, create new offers, and let others leave a message for you or even translate the site into other languages in a jiffy. This tool is available through other hosting partners and internet providers too.

Go Mobi

Landr: As the name implies, this service helps you create different landing pages in a mobile website. It is made in such a way that it allows the marketers to capture leads from mobile by producing different mobile landing pages. This happens to be the only tool that allows you to create single pages with the idea of getting a conversion on mobile. This service has simplified the experience that a visitor gets when he or she visits the mobile website. With this tool you can see what you were looking for with no extra frills. Landr’s strategy of “less is more” is an option that allows marketers to create landing pages for a campaign without any help from the IT department. You can even run A/B option tests.


MoFuse: Another versatile monthly subscription tool that allows you to create and host your mobile site easily without any hassle. An option that differentiates it from other tools is the fact that you can hire their website design services to completely build your mobile site for you. Features such as design tools, options of m-commerce, mobile analytics, GPS-guided store locator, mobile advertising, and more can be customised according to your requirement. If you are looking for mobile marketing services in addition to building a site, then you can be sure you will like MoFuse’s text marketing package and its search engine optimization support.


SproutMobi: Many understand the fact that just building a mobile website is not enough if it is not backed by a good marketing strategy. There are many tools that help in mobile website design, but very few would help you with the marketing strategy. That is where SproutMobi comes into the picture. For a price you get a dedicated consultant or a developer who will identify the right features and their functions for your target audience. They also provide help in developing your strategy, and create up to 10 custom pages for you. This tool provider can even set up the code to route the mobile traffic to your mobile-friendly site. Once your site is built, you would need to pay a fixed amount per month for support, unlimited hosting, and access to edit on your own through their content management system.


Using any of the tools mentioned above will help you set up a mobile website but you need to be sure to have a good marketing strategy that will help you obtain maximum conversions and meet your business objectives.