What is the Impact of Google+ in Rankings? How to Use it to Your Advantage

Google+ is not just a social media network that Google built to challenge Facebook’s rising popularity over the last decade. The search giant’s platform offers great value for search engine optimization and can actually improve the visibility of websites on search engines. Studies reveal the strong correlation between website rankings and the number of Google+1s received by a URL. Web pages that rank high can be linked more to Google+ optimization than to other popular SEO methods such as back links, keyword use and Facebook activity.

A Searchmetrics study on the ranking factors for Google USA found Google+1s as the most important factor for improving search result rankings.

How Google+ Improves Search Rankings

Google plus allows to improve search engine rankings in a number of ways. Here are some tips to make the best use of this website optimization tool.

  • High quality content is the key to achieving high Google rankings. Fresh, unique, and engaging content that focuses on what your target audience wants is important. It is this type of rich content that gets shared on social networks. Low quality content can seriously harm your reputation. Often, worthless content goes unnoticed.
  • Google treats the content published in Google+ in the same way it treats the content in any other web page. So, your target group can find Google + content through standard Google search. Web pages with relevant content will be efficiently indexed by Google, and they will rank high in the search results.
  • Google Plus content (quality content) will continue appearing in search results for a long period of time. Google plus posts more than a year old are still found at the top of search engine results.

Google+ Rankings

  • Make sure that you become a Google+ verified publisher. You must have your website code-connected to your Google+ profile by using rel= “publisher”. This will help Google verify that your site is official and not somebody else exploiting your company’s name. Another advantage of this tactic is that since it is information used to determine content relevance, it may eventually help in adding your company logo to general search results such as “about” and “home” pages.
  • Google Authorship is a powerful service Google offers for content marketing and website optimization. With this option, each author (member) has the option to share their original content, which is accessible to any member of the Google+ community. These articles will appear in search results with the name and image of the author included, which would help build your online reputation. This is a tool that will also help protect your content.
  • Google plus can be used as a platform to achieve content authority. Interesting content has a greater chance to get shared and receive plus ones (+1), which can lead to higher authority. As Google gives importance to authoritative content, Google+ authorship helps you to improve authority and search performance. It can help generate social signals, facilitating social media optimization (SMO).
  • A featured link posted in a Google plus page will pass search rankings to the page to which it links. Links from regular websites to Google Plus content, will pass page rank authority back to your Google Plus content.
  • With the advent of Google +, ‘About’ pages have become very useful as they offer the provision for the author to add links to their sites or to their profile on other social networks. ‘About’ pages that are properly written will increase conversion rates.
  • Apart from creating an engaging ‘about’ page, it is also necessary to update your Google plus profile once it is created. Customize your public profile with your tagline and an image, for instance your company logo. Your profile and the information contained in it are vital to your online success.
  • An improved presence on Google Plus can expand your circle of friends and acquaintances. Make your profile easily accessible and make it easy to add it to other users’ circles to make the post public.
  • Increase your Google plus followers by having a G+ icon on your website that is hyperlinked to your G+ page. Make sure that this icon is visible.
  • Ensure that your website content can be easily shared by visitors to their Google Plus pages. You can make use of simple apps available that will help to automatically add clearly visible G+ icons to your existing and new pages.

Attaining Benefits with Google+

It is evident that Google Plus has great relevance in SEO. In order to improve search rankings with Google+, the very first step is to become a member of Google+. Once you join it, you can search for your friends to join their circles and to add them to yours. Then you can start posting content. It is always better to read content posted by other users, comments, and shares before you start posting.

Otherwise, you can seek the assistance of a professional SEO company, which is more advisable, as competition is increasing day by day to improve the online visibility of businesses. SEO specialists have mastery in search engine optimization and social media optimization, and can help client businesses gain an active presence on Google+ and other social media sites. Along with optimizing your website for Google Plus, make sure that your other SEO efforts are strong and effective to enjoy the best results.