What’s New with Twitter – Recent Updates

With more number of businesses focusing on social media optimization, Twitter Ads have become vital for businesses to benefit from direct response, branding and real-time marketing goals.


With 500 million Tweets sent per day, Twitter is a popular online social networking website and microblogging service that allows users to post and read text-based messages. Social media marketers keep themselves updated with the latest changes and updated features in each social media platform. Let us see what’s new with this cute little bird.

Language Targeting for Advertisers

Language Targeting for AdvertisersTwitter has recently announced that advertisers now have the option to target Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts in the preferred language of the audience they are trying to reach. With its latest Language Targeting feature, this social network is allowing its advertisers to target users by their preferred language. The feature, available in 20 different languages is sure to benefit marketers who want to reach a global audience with language-specific messaging, or those who are in countries where large populations speak multiple languages.

According to the official Twitter blog, “Along with language-specific analytics, this targeting is available to all advertisers globally and through our Ads API”.

Advertisers will have the option to use language targeting, along with a combination of other targeting options such as interest, keyword, gender, location or audience segments.

Numerous different signals are used by Twitter to determine a user’s language, which includes the language the user has selected in their profile and the language they most frequently use to communicate with other Twitter users. If Twitter determines that a user is multilingual, he/she can be targeted in multiple languages.

The Mute Button to Silence Annoying Tweets

Twitter’s highly anticipated mute button is now getting real. Users can enhance their Twitter experience with this new feature. Twitter announced that they will be introducing this new feature for its iPhone and Android apps, as well as Twitter.com, that will allow users to mute specific people and prevent their Tweets from showing up in the timeline.

Mute gives you even more control over the content you see on Twitter by letting you remove a user’s content from key parts of your Twitter experience. There are two ways you can go about muting users. You can either mute a user from a Tweet by clicking or tapping on ‘more’ and then ‘mute @username’ or you can mute someone from their profile page by viewing their profile and then clicking or tapping on ‘mute @username’.

By muting a user on Twitter, their Tweets and Retweets will no longer be visible in your home timeline. In addition, you will no longer receive push or SMS notifications from that user. The muted user will still be able to favorite, reply to and re-tweet your Tweets; you just won’t see any of that activity in your timeline. Moreover, the muted user will not know that you’ve muted him/her, and you can unmute at any time.

Though there are a lot of apps with this mute feature, the latest change with Twitter will be a great relief for the 255 million monthly active users on this platform.