Why Does Quality SEO Service Cost More?

SEO ServiceWhen a search is run on Google many results for companies handling SEO work would come up. The companies can cost anywhere between 5000 dollars to a couple of hundred dollars. Will a company be right to invest in a less expensive alternative? The answer is no, like how no one would trust their life with a quack, same way you cannot completely trust an SEO provider who is quoting very cheap prices. The answer is not in terms of price, it is about the quality and after service.

Google has a set of regulations that need to be followed; otherwise the website may be removed from their searches completely. Take the example of Traffic Power that was banned from the Google searches. The content of the website should be kept in such a maximized fashion that the results should come up every time there is a search done. This also helps with the conversion rate of a website. This is why strategic and white hat search engine optimization is necessary.

It is important that a business that is looking for development employ an SEO firm that gives maximum performance and helps set up a clean website. A good SEO firm will ensure that all the contents on the website are optimized for the search engine, and that the content is never questioned by search engines. They also ensure that they provide the analytics on the conversion rate of your website; this analytics is what would help determine the health of the website.

The biggest reason why there is a discrepancy in the price of different SEO firms is the content that they provide, and also the after service and analytics. The analytics when done constantly will allow the firm to keep its site up to date and ensure that no redundant and irrelevant data remains in the system. This is a science of numbers and all this is provided to a firm as a report with the help of which the business can make informed choices.

A reliable SEO company will sit down and spend time with their client businesses. They will spend time to understand the brand. Based on a good understanding of the brand, they will implement optimization strategies that best suit the brand. Moreover, they will work continuously at the concepts until they meet the satisfaction of the client. In contrast to this, there are SEO firms that are very good on the pockets. When the service comes for incredibly cheap costs, you cannot be confident about the quality of service. If unfortunately, a business associates with an unreliable SEO provider it may prove really costly sooner or later.

Now let us look at some of the time and labor intensive tasks that reliable SEO companies take care of and for which the costs, though high are perfectly justified.

  • Running link audits. When running link audits, they need to check the links coming into the website and identify the ones that can cause harm to the site. This is like taking apart every piece to know where it has gone bad. Of course there is software that helps to get this done, but the software may not always provide accurate results. A good audit is the one that is done manually; the process is a tedious one. This may prove a bit costly.
  • Link cleanup. This process involves manually going ahead and finding the links that need to be removed. After this is done, firms must contact Google and get the rankings back up. The ranking is not given back easily. Google needs to know that as a website owner you have taken real effort to correct the situation. This involves contacting all the site owners and asking them to remove the link from their site.
  • Penalties may lead to revenue loss. When Google penalizes a website, it does it by not showing the website on its first page of search. This will surely lead to revenue loss. This is why websites have to comply with the required SEO standards. A good SEO firm, even if it is expensive, will provide good advice on such aspects.
  • De-indexing of website. This is a way in which the search engines remove the website completely from its list. Will not show in any pages of Google. This will happen if the SEO firm is not aware of a different ways in which they can actually cause harm to the existence of the website on the searches.
  • Researching on Google guidelines. Google is actually very thorough with the guidelines they provide and this is a helpful tool for all webmasters. The webmasters can use the guidelines and when in doubt can always contact Google for help. A good SEO firm will ensure that your site’s health is continuously monitored. They will remove any hacking and remove unwanted content immediately. They will also ensure that any spam from users is removed.

Let’s look at some of the things Google is changing on the SEO front. This is the next level of SEO and should be learnt in its nascent stages. It will help ensure that you are prepared in advance for the future. A good SEO firm will know the new standards that are coming up in their market. They will ensure that they are abreast with any updates introduced. Once the SEO teams remedy any problems, they will go on to ensure that they get back to Google to reconsider the site.

  • Encouraging brand building – Google is working on brand building concept now rather than just links, keywords or PageRank. Google believes that compelling and strong content is what builds the brand and so is pushing for this standard in the industry now.
  • Google has moved away from being just a search engine. Google thrives now at giving more details than just the search results and links. Any search would get not just results, there would be different analytics. There would also be maps available to use. This is why Google is moving away from being just a search engine.
  • Content is what will build the brand. Companies may be able to sell even with sub-standard content, but for how long is the question. Companies should make it a point to rely more on good content.

Search engine optimization is a worthwhile investment for any business – small, medium or big. Reliable SEO service providers can surely get your business to rank among the first ten listings on Google and other search engines. This means maximum visibility for your website; if you have relevant content, good links and other SEO strategies implemented by your partnering outsourcing firm there is no doubt that you can take your business to the next level.