Why Online Customer Reviews Are Important

Online Customer ReviewsCustomer reviews are becoming increasingly important for search engine optimization. Customer reviews are not new, for many decades businesses have used client feedback to serve their customers. Customers are the key to a successful business and satisfied customers often refer new clients to your business. Customers depend on online reviews before spending their money. Therefore customer reviews are very important for your business and also for better ranking on leading search engines.

Individuals greatly depend on search engines for information about a product or company before buying a product or a service. To understand the impact of online customer reviews, a survey “Google Consumer Survey” was conducted by Google with a group of 1000 customers. The study showed how individuals depend on search engines like Google and other sites for online reviews while making purchase decisions.

Do users go past the first page of search results?

Search results that are on page one earn more traffic. This is because users want their results quickly and so it is important for any website to be optimized to attract potential users.

Google search sought to understand how far people went into search results and also wanted to know how many people stayed on page one alone and how many went further to more pages. The study showed that

  • 50.4% customer viewed only the first page
  • 36.0% respondents went through the first two pages
  • Only 13.6% of searchers viewed more than 4 pages

Individuals view only 2% of searches below the top five results on the first page. From the above results, it is clear that consumer behaviour differ from self-reported activity.

Influence of online reviews while making purchase decisions

For businesses, Google often displays reviews near the top of search results. These reviews are important for a company or product. Google search’s study wanted to know how many people relied on online reviews before buying a product.

  • 67% of the respondents stated that online reviews greatly influenced customer buying decision.
  • 32.3% of the respondents said that online reviews were not at all important in their decision making process.
  • 13.1% of searchers believed that online reviews played a very small role while making a purchase decision.

So, companies should be careful when it comes to online reviews. Many companies will eventually have pages from review sites ranking for their name. Positive reviews will help companies improve their sales and also enable building a strong relationship with potential customers.

Negative reviews affect your business

Negative reviews can cost you business customers. The study revealed that businesses lose 22% of customers when one negative article is found by the users. If more than four negative articles pop up, then companies will lose approximately 70% of potential customers. One negative review will lead to a loss of nearly a quarter of all potential customers.

Sites that customers go through before making a purchase

Majority of the customers use Google search to find reviews about a product, service or brand. From the study it emerged that 64.2% of the people didn’t seem to remember visiting any popular review sites. The review site which gained the most attention was Google review and the second most important review site was Amazon. This shows that companies that have good reviews in Google+ can build a strong community engagement.

Online reviews’ impact on customer buying decision

The results of the study revealed that online reviews play a significant role while making purchase decisions. In summary, the study highlighted the following points:

  • Majority of the searchers view only the first and second page of search results when searching for details about a product, service or brand.
  • Among the many review sites, Google+ is visited more by potential customers.
  • If they find more than one negative review/article about a product or brand, prospective customers may not make a purchase decision and this can lead to a fall in the rate of potential customers.

From the above mentioned information, we can say that Google+ is the most visited review site and so companies should invest more time and effort in building a strong community on Google+. This will help them receive more positive reviews and improve sales and profit.

Monitor the Reputation of Your Company in Google Search Results

  • Monitor and analyze the sentiments of review on popular review sites. Do not attempt to artificially alter the results, instead search for steps that can improve your reviews and implement them.
  • Regularly check whether there are any negative reviews or articles in the first two pages of the search results.
  • If you find any negative articles, take necessary steps to push down those damaging articles. The best step is to highlight positive press releases and reviews about your product or service through SEO.

Online reviews greatly influence customers’ buying decision process and so companies should ensure that they have positive reviews on popular review sites. Optimizing your website is important to drive more network traffic to your site. This can be made easy with support from a reliable search engine optimization company. They have trained and experienced SEO professionals who can ensure perfection in their work and timely completion of your website optimization and reputation management project at affordable pricing.