Social Media Listening

Social media listening defined in simple terms is listening to what's being said in social media with respect to your industry, product, service, brand, company, competition, and customers. This new phenomenon has made companies realize that they have to listen, measure audience trends, assess them, and then determine a way to connect to their customers. MOS SEO Services provides customized, organized social media listening solutions to both US and international customers. We follow a three-step process of:

  • Listening
  • Engaging, Commencing, and Developing
  • Measuring
We use Advanced

Social Media Listening Tools

We analyze tweets, video uploads, Flickr, and blog posts such as Blogger, Drupal, WordPress, Lotus Live, and Moveable type; interactive communications on Facebook pages, and other social media sources. We make use of tools such as these for social media monitoring and tracking - Radian6, social bookmarking, Google Alerts, Hootsuite, Survey Monkey, Twitter Search, SocialText, gURLs, and SocialCast.

Social Media to Deliver Better Customer Experiences

Whatever be your listening goals, whether social media reports, competitor activity, marketing plan performance, product launch, product potential issues, customer experience, or other goals, we'll help you with accurate comprehension of your customer's views or pain points so that you can deliver a better customer experience.

Our social media listening reports would:

  • Determine key influencers
  • Offer analyses such as activity analysis, thematic analysis, and sentiment analysis
  • Determine opinion leaders
  • Be generated ad hoc, at intervals as and when required by the client

When a customer approaches us to monitor a specific term, we do the following:

  • Get client instructions, find out the focus area, limitations by industry and theme, and range of delivery
  • Collect and gather information by utilizing automated data mining, password sites, forums, listservs, Video, Microblogs, Facebook, blogs, multiple language content, Wiki, and so on
  • Assess the compiled information on the basis of theme and carry out extensive data studies utilizing human judgement, markets, influencers, additional themes, websites, and time
  • Personalize and deliver reports on trends with respect to each theme, positive and negative terms, and the chief drivers of each trend.

MOS Benefits

You get the following benefits from MOS social media listening services:

  • You're constantly informed about changing customer trends
  • You can meet the unfulfilled needs of customers by giving an ear to competitive discussions
  • Makes possible an easier shift from conventional marketing and advertising to socially directed buying
  • Affordable, competitive pricing
  • Timely reports and custom turnaround
  • 24/7/365 customer support

Dial 1-800-670-2809 for further information about social media listening from MOS SEO Services.

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