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No SEO strategy can be successful without social media optimization. Social media offers excellent opportunities for sharing something. It requires creating a profile in a social network, publicizing it to acquire followers or friends, sending friend requests, and then posting interesting comments, useful or exciting videos and pictures, and more. Exciting posts will be shared by your followers with their friends in that social network or even outside. This concept is proving invaluable for attracting the right kind of traffic to business websites, which is what social media marketing (SMM) is all about.

A professional SEO company, MOS SEO Services can provide you with social media optimization services to boost your search engine page rankings and attract targeted traffic to your website.

With the sole aim of increasing awareness of your brand products and services, we provide exclusive marketing through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Delicious and others.

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Social Media

Return on Investment

Businesses make social media investment with an eye on better ROI. The success of this optimization method can be measured by calculating the return gained on the investment. We understand the importance of SMM for businesses and devise a perfect marketing strategy for better ROI. We use effective marketing strategies to provide your business more exposure online.

Social Media Marketing

Strategies We Offer

Social media networks are usually created around a theme such as video sharing, image sharing, news sharing, bookmarking, networking, blogging or all of these together. We can help you select the social networks that will work for you and create a suitable marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Facebook Marketing - With 1.11 billion users as of March 2013, Facebook is perhaps the king of social media. Opening a Facebook profile is easy, but securing followers at a fast rate of succession requires planning and strategizing, and basically depends on the kind of posts you make. We create effective Facebook fan page designs that can get you likes worldwide thereby increase your brand awareness and sales. By posting interesting ads and commenting, we attract customers to your business. Facebook advertising management is an ideal option for busy business owners.

Twitter Marketing - With 500 million users as of April 2013, this "SMS of the Internet" is a unique social network based on sending brief text messages which may contain links or URLs for asking people to check out something interesting or useful. This social networking as well as microblogging service, with its latest self-service advertising platform allows small and medium-sized businesses with monthly marketing budgets of $5,000 or less to use Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts and Twitter Analytics in their digital marketing campaigns. We help to manage your Twitter accounts by automating posts from news feeds and generating more followers.

Pinterest Marketing - One of the fastest growing social networking websites, Pinterest helps to make an image board, where photos in collection can be shared. People who view the image can either repin the image or follow the user or board. Account holders get some new buttons, badges and widgets for their websites and blogs and can also access some visual marketing best practices and case studies. Pinterest marketing services we provide not only enhance your search engine ranking, but sales as well. We place interesting images of your services, so that they will be attractive enough for people to click on them. Our social media experts make the most use of this visual marketing tool to drive more traffic to your site. With innovative research based methods, we strive to make your Pinterest campaign a success.

Google Plus Marketing - Google Plus offers your business a unique opportunity to build a powerful network and boost your website visibility. Latest reports show that Google's social networking service continues to outpace Twitter as the world's second largest social network after Facebook. Particularly used for promoting businesses, we use this marketing tool effectively to promote your brand by engaging a community of customers, share news and keep your business dynamic and relevant. We manage an optimized Google plus profile for you that can drive more leads to your site.

LinkedIn Marketing - With over 200 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is a great lead generating tool for all businesses. It helps people connect professionally and is a great marketing tool for B2B. Setting up or joining a LinkedIn Group allows businesses to interact with their target groups directly, connect with decision makers, network, hire, and share insights about their industry. They can share industry news, build their brand, ask and answer questions, and find out more about the people and organizations that they do business with. LinkedIn is a great way to build online referrals and advertise vacant positions. We create and optimize your LinkedIn profile page and share value added content to enhance your online visibility.

YouTube Marketing - YouTube is the most popular video sharing site where users can upload any kind of short videos, movies or documentaries. Useful or exciting videos get shared easily. Successful videos can inform, educate and entertain users that make this video go viral. Useful videos with a slight marketing twist or links can certainly help in marketing. Our video marketing services can help you establish a great video presence in the search engines. We create videos that showcase your products, and direct customers to your website. URL will be included in the video's text description, as no direct linking is possible from video.

You can track the progress and see how our SMM services work for your business. Talk to our social media professionals for effective social media optimization for various kinds of businesses. Call us today at 1-800-670-2809!

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