Mobile Application Development Services for Apple iOS 7

Mobile Application Development Services for Apple iOS 7

iOS7, Apple's new flat mobile operating system is sure to generate increased mobile search with its new features. It ensures greater user-friendliness, has a more aesthetically pleasing interface, and is quite a pleasure to browse on. iOS7 offers a fresh mobile experience through Calendar, Messages and the phone application itself. Other features include multitasking, better organization of photos, shared photo streams, built-in photo filters, bookmarks, new Safari and many others.

Though designed to improve mobile commerce efforts, the mobile apps designed to run on the previous iOS6 version may not perform well or even crash on iOS7. Businesses therefore need to customize their apps or develop new ones that cater to the new platform. This is where MOS SEO Services can help you with advanced mobile application development services. With clear insight into the unique requirements of mobile users and individual platforms, we design and implement mobile applications that ensure a great experience for users.

IOS7 Mobile App Development

to Achieve a Competitive Edge

Customization is a deciding factor when it comes to app development for mobile devices. We can provide you with apps that best suit your requirements and specifications, and is compatible with the new iOS7 system. We also provide support to adapt existing apps to Apples' new exciting functionality and features. Moreover, you are ensured timely delivery of your apps.

We offer:

  • Customized mobile app development using advanced web technologies and tools.
  • Mobile web application development for domains such as medical, banking, social networking, entertainment, enterprise, advertising, and mobility.

We are all set to provide professional iOS7 application programming with the necessary infrastructural facilities and other requirements.

iOS 7 App Development - Service Highlights

  • Our iOS7 developers are among the best in their field. They can adeptly leverage iOS7's AirDrop feature in your apps by strengthening the usage of Cloud and direct dropping facilities for documents, files and multimedia content.
  • Developers of mobile phone applications at MOS are well-versed in using Apple's new Xcode version and tools.
  • We help you redesign your iPhone app with the old iOS 6 looks to fit the latest iOS 7 design standards.
  • We can make the required changes to the apps to adapt to the new standards and cleaner design of iOS7.
  • Improved game development for iOS7 fully utilizing its features and functionality to provide users an enhanced game experience.
  • We focus on making your apps very user-friendly and functional.

At MOS, our mobile app team is excited to develop mobile web applications with innovative features that will provide the best experience and business results for our clients. Get your app in front of the iPhone users who are looking for it. Dial 1-800-670-2809 to benefit from our mobile application development services for Apple iOS7.

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