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Create dynamic, commercial and secure websites with the support of our PHP/MySQL web development services. Situated in Oklahoma, MOS SEO Services, a leading Internet-based applications providing firm, offers two popular open source technologies such as PHP scripting language and MySQL relational database to create websites. Our web development company is an asset for everyone who is in need of PHP/MySQL web developing services to develop highly featured database web applications.

Here at MOS SEO Services, we offer our PHP / MySQL web development services to a multitude of clients including professionals, entrepreneurs, web design and development teams, public and private organizations, starting up to well-established businesses, public and private educational institutions, Internet service providers and web hosting firms.

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PHP Web Development


If you would like to create an extensive range of web applications such as blogs, content management systems, online e-commerce shopping carts, web-forums, product catalogs, automatic generation of personalized PDF documents, brochures, calendars or web-based email services, please give us a call and specify your requirements. Utilize our web application development services to create Flash animations.

With our support, you can build impressive-looking internet sites in a professional manner, and successfully retain your visitors. A website developed using our PHP / MySQL web development services supports Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows, Linux, QNX, HP-UX, Embedded Linux, Mac OS X, IBM AIX, Novell Netware and more.

Enjoy the Benefits of Innovation

At MOS SEO Services, we have professional PHP / MySQL experts who have the know-how to develop websites utilizing innovative MySQL database and PHP (Pre Hypertext Preprocessor). Our PSP / MySQL web development services have the following features:

  • Integrity and commitment
  • Launch support and long term support
  • Platform independence
  • Affordable price tag
  • Flexibility
  • Tremendous rate
  • High performance
  • High accuracy rate

Looking forward to attaining high-ranking positions in search engines? If so, place your request for our PHP / MySQL web development services by contacting us at our toll free number - 1-800-670-2809.

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