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A well designed and visually appealing website is a powerful medium to drive traffic from search engines, impress visitors, enhance leads, and improve productivity and revenue. If your website does not achieve your intended search engine optimization (SEO) goals, it's time to think about redesign. MOS SEO Services offers website redesign services to give your site a fresh, dynamic look. We can make your website more aesthetically pleasing with new features and improved content presentation. Our goal is to provide you with a search engine friendly website that

  • Conveys your business goals and builds your brand
  • Is fast loading and easy to navigate
  • Holds the interest of your targeted audience
  • Increases your productivity and ROI

Our W3C compliant SEO website design and redesign solutions are available for all types of businesses.

SEO Focused

Website Redesign

The reason why your website has not achieved higher search engine page ranking could be that it does it does not have SEO focused design. We set that right by redesigning your website in keeping with best practices in SEO. We improve the crawl-ability of your website for search engines with fresh, engaging and informative, keyword-optimized content. We research your objectives, audience, and your niche to position your website favorably against your competition. We achieve this by following the latest webmaster guidelines laid out by Google and enhancing your website's usability so that visitors can quickly find what they are looking for.

In some cases, a radical redesign may be required, while in others, only minor tweaks are needed. With a professional website redesign company such as MOS SEO Services working for you, your site redesign process is completely hassle free.

Our Website Redesign Process

Our structured site redesign process involves planning, evaluation, design, implementation, and testing. After analyzing your current website, our skilled web designers develop a design plan. We complete your website redesign within the expected timeframe.

Our cost-effective website redesign services include

  • Designing a quality website with original templates and logos
  • Checking and restructuring website architecture
  • Remapping content and ensuring its scalability
  • Refreshing the color scheme of your website
  • Converting layouts
  • SEO and content analysis
  • Creating unique titles with main keywords
  • Updating images, website text, meta tags and links
  • Using relevant headers and sub headers
  • Clearing geo-location issues
  • Setting up social links and book marking options
  • Adding blogs and other interactive modules
  • Making sure that the website displays properly in all browsers

We can your website's compatibility across different web browsers and its accessibility on various devices.

Expertise with the Latest Technologies

Our team of professional web designers can provide you with website design compliant with W3C standards and Web 2.0 standards to ensure faster loading, enhanced usability, and smooth navigation. In addition to straight HTML and XHTML to code your website, they make effective use of the latest technologies in the redesign process.

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): CSS accompanies HTML and offers both developers and users better control on the way pages are displayed and accessed
  • Flash: We make use of Flash, a widely used tool in SEO marketing, to enhance your website's visual appeal and navigation capabilities with catchy visual graphics
  • JavaScript: JavaScript and Ajax are used to create attractive animations and interactive web applications. Attractive visual design is what keeps visitors coming back to your site.
  • jQuery: jQuery plugins make your web applications visually stunning and multifunctional. It can ensure fluid and responsive layouts for sliders, banners, portfolios, galleries, and much more.
  • PHP: PHP allows web developers to produce dynamic web content to interact with databases. This general purpose scripting language is embedded within your HTML code. Visitors to access your PHP-enabled pages without downloading any special application.

Our Web 2.0 design team uses Joomla, Word Press, Drupal, Mambo and ASP to provide you with dynamic web pages.

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Web Redesign Samples

Many of our clients have benefited from our website redesign services. Here are two samples:

1. DAY Elevator and Lift -

Before and After Day Elevator and Lift

2. Friends House -

Before and After Friends House NYC

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